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Possess industry-leading ultrasonic technology

Focus on the field of ultrasound

Vanguard has more than 10 years of industry experience

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All-in-one ultrasonic cleaner, desktop ultrasonic cleaner, laboratory ultrasonic cleaner, medical ultrasonic cleaner


An industrial ultrasonic cleaning solution provider integrating R&D, production, marketing and after-sales

01Focus on ultrasonic technology developmentFocus on ultrasonic technology research and development

More than 10 years of ultrasonic cleaning equipment research and development, production, marketing and after-sales in one ultrasonic cleaning solution supplier

Own R & D center, won a number of intellectual property patents

Fanying ultrasonic provides you with 0 discharge, no dead angle, ultra clean and ultra intelligent ultrasonic cleaning equipment

02Design concept of excellenceThe design idea of the best

Survival by service and development by quality

Pay close attention to every process and make every product well

Meet customers' expectations and requirements for product quality with factory control standards superior to domestic and international standards

Create the best products and services based on talents and technology

03Customer witness and common growthCustomer witness and common growth

It has reached a long-term strategy with more than 100 industrial customers such as Huawei, Samsung, Yuyue, Hubang, Blum hardware and Chenghao hardware

Actively respond to strategic resources such as "the Belt and Road" and "China EU economic and trade cooperation

Covering Europe, America and Africa, it serves more than 500 overseas enterprises in more than 80 countries

04Customized ultrasonic cleaning solutionCustomized ultrasonic cleaning solution

Realize 7 * 24-hour remote online service and timely respond to customer needs

Perfect technical support, fast after-sales service and maintenance training

Free ultrasonic industrial cleaning program, special personnel to guide equipment operation training, free technical support

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