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Which brand of ultrasonic cleaning machine is good to use?

Date: 2022-10-20Number: 1008

High quality piezoelectric crystals. The Ultrasonic transducer are made of the finest piezoelectric crystals. Although it is more expensive to produce transducers because of the cost of raw materials, our transducers have a longer service life. Manufacturers using sensors can expect to use them for more than five years before they start to decay.

Self-tuning ultrasonic generator. Ultrasonic generators are self-tuning, which means that they can sense the load on components in the ultrasonic cleaning tank and adjust the power output according to the load. This also means that when the generators sense the decay of the transducer, they increase the power output so that the components receive the same level of ultrasonic cleaning as when the transducer was new.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

High quality ultrasonic generator assembly. The ultrasonic generator is made of MOSFET transistors and other high-quality components and is designed for continuous manufacturing use, not just occasional laboratory use.

No underpowered Ultrasonic transducer. The Ultrasonic transducer is measured by power output, but a more relevant measure is the watt density, measured as power volume or Watt gallon. For any tank under 20 gallons, we usually configure the ultrasonic cleaning system at 100 watts per gallon. This ensures the correct transmission and distribution of ultrasonic energy over the entire volume of the tank. Tank geometry can play a key role in smaller ultrasonic tanks, with 100 watts per gallon eliminating the effect of tank geometry.

Square wave ultrasonic generator. Many ultrasonic generators use a sine wave mode, using a square wave mode. The sine wave generator produces ultrasonic cavitation bubble in the line with uniform interval, which leads to dead angle and uneven cleaning performance between the lines. The sine wave generator"Scans" the frequency to reduce the effect of dead spots. In contrast, the square wave generator provides an output with multiple frequency harmonics. The multi-frequency output provides a consistent and uniform vibration distribution and improves the cleaning effect.

Thick gauge stainless steel. Stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning tank made of thicker stainless steel, can withstand the long-term effects of ultrasonic vibration.