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The key technology of multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine for Van Ying ultrasonic push table saw blade

Date: 2022-11-21Number: 506

The precision table saw blade is the most important cutting tool for cutting materials. The quality of the saw blade has a certain relation with the quality of the processed products. Proper and reasonable maintenance of the saw blade plays an important role in improving the quality of the processed products, shortening the processing cycle and reducing the processing cost.

When the table saw was running, the cutting material and the saw blade would rub and heat up. Then, the grease, dust and foreign matter in the cutting material would melt and stick to the saw plate, the blade will remain thick traces of oil, dust, sticky foreign matter, causing the blade can not be normal effective cutting material. Van Ying Ultrasonic company launched a new cleaning efficiency, compared to the use of a table saw blade multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, can thoroughly clean the saw blade.

multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine

Vangying multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine consists of multi-process slot equipment on the basis of single-slot machine, which is the superior combination system of ultrasonic cleaning and various functional modes. Applicable to all kinds of workpiece standard technology, batch cleaning of the preferred environmental ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Van Ying ultrasonic table saw blade multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine core key technology:

First, the power is adjustable and the stability is high;

Imported piezoelectric ceramic crystal, high working efficiency;

Imported stainless steel vibrating plate, strong corrosion resistance;

Special vibrator adhesive technology, never flaking.

Fan Ying ultrasonic push table saw blade multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine product advantages:

First, optimize the process design, flexible selection of factors, cost savings.

Second, set the level protection function, when the water cleaning liquid is insufficient to clean the machine will automatically power off protection, to avoid accidents.

All stainless steel structure, nice appearance, compact and reasonable structure, reasonable cleaning operation. All imported and high-quality components manufacturing quality assurance.

Fourth, the process design is reasonable, the operability is strong, the structure is compact, the use is convenient.

5. Automatic temperature control heating device, temperature control range 0-110 °C.

Fan Ying ultrasonic push table saw blade multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine product advantages:

1. Save money

1. A large number of operators to reduce the physical load of workers.

2. Perfect function, high cleaning efficiency, obvious effect, low cost.

3. reduce the cost of required cleaning agents.

Second, the cleaning is very clean

1. For different places, the process requires flexible and reasonable arrangement of cleaning procedures.

2. Set up ultrasonic cleaning, washing, desiccation, rust-proof treatment, drying treatment and other processes.

3. The most advanced ultrasonic technology, relatively stable, strong and powerful ultrasonic power.

Run longer

1. According to the actual needs of customer site, workpiece cleaning design and manufacture of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine system.

2. The running speed of the cleaning line can be adjusted to suit the cleaning rhythm and requirements of different workpieces.

Four, durable wear, durable

1. Fan Ying ultrasonic rich experience in design and construction, reasonable technology, high-quality parts.

2. The equipment runs more stable, high stability, easy to operate, long life.

After-sales service:

1. From the time when the factory normal use of free warranty one year quality free warranty one year;

2 long-term product maintenance and technical support;

3. Van Ying ultrasonic experts to optimize your production process, improve the traditional cleaning methods;

Professional guidance and training in Shenzhen;

Provide more consumables and accessories support from all aspects.