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The role of laboratory ultrasonic cleaner

Date: 2022-11-22Number: 1122

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaner, commonly known as ultrasonic cleaner, is mainly used for cleaning all kinds of laboratory instruments, containers, all kinds of oral liquid containers, food glass metal containers, cosmetics containers, packaging containers, cleaning and Inspection Board for dental instruments.

More and more laboratories find the convenience and practical value of ultrasonic cleaning. The inner wall of the experimental glass container can not be washed by hand, and the ultrasonic cleaner can overcome this situation very well. Because ultrasonic energy can pass through the inner wall of the glass container and tiny gaps, small holes, blind areas, it can be used on any glass container, test tubes, measuring cups, parts or assembly of the clean. Ultrasonic cleaning is generally the only cleaning method that can meet its own unique technical standards when the parts to be cleaned are precision glass containers, parts or assemblies.

ultrasonic cleaner


1, according to the use of ultrasonic cleaner can be divided into: industrial ultrasonic cleaner, commercial ultrasonic cleaner, laboratory ultrasonic cleaner, home ultrasonic cleaner, etc. .

2, according to the capacity of ultrasonic cleaner can be divided into: large ultrasonic cleaner, medium-sized ultrasonic cleaner, small ultrasonic cleaner. The capacity varies from 4 milliliters to several hundred liters.

3. According to the power ultrasonic cleaner can be divided into: high-power ultrasonic cleaner, low-power ultrasonic cleaner and no heating ultrasonic cleaner. Among them, the heating power of the ultrasonic cleaner with electric heating varies from several hundred watts to several tens of thousands watts.


The components of an ultrasonic cleaner are an ultrasonic generator, a Ultrasonic transducer, and a tank. The ultrasonic cleaner trough is made of strong, tough, corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel with a Ultrasonic transducer at the bottom, and the ultrasonic generator generates high frequency and high voltage, which is transmitted to the transducer according to the cable connection line, the transducer resonates at a high frequency with the vibrating plate, so that the organic solvent in the ultrasonic cleaner tank is Sonication to clean the stain.

1, ultrasonic generator

Generally known as the ultrasonic box, ultrasonic source, ultrasonic power supply. Its function is to convert our mains (220V or 380V, 50hz or 60Hz) into high frequency AC signals that match the Ultrasonic transducer. Linear amplifier and power supply can be adopted in the form of amplifier circuit, and switching power supply is usually adopted in the high power ultrasonic power supply from the angle of conversion efficiency. Linear power supply also has its unique applications, it is also characterized by loose management of circuit matching, allowing continuous frequency changes. At this stage from the ultrasonic industry, the ultrasonic is mainly divided into self-excited and it-excited power supply.

2, Ultrasonic transducer

Includes a housing, a matching layer, i. e. a sound window, a piezoelectric ceramic plate transducer, a backing, and a lead-out cable, the characteristics of which depend on that it also includes a Cymbal array receiver, it consists of cable, 8-16 Cymbal transducers, metal rings, and rubber gasket, Cymbal array receiver is located in the disc piezoelectric transducer 3 above; The basic Ultrasonic transducer is the piezoelectric disc transducer, which emits and receives ultrasonic signals, and the Cymbal array receiver, which is located above the piezoelectric disc transducer, which acts as an ultrasonic receiver, to pick up Dopler echoes outside the frequency range of the disc transducer.

Clean the sink

The tank body is an ultrasonic cleaning machine for storing objects and water that must be cleaned. Some cleaning sinks are very small, such as the cleaning sink of Household KQ1060, which is very small. Some cleaning sinks are very large, for manufacturing custom-made automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine sink is very large.