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Introduction of Van Ying Ultrasonic Company

Date: 2022-10-14Number: 1298

Shenzhen Fanying Ultrasonic Technology Co. , Ltd. is a company engaged in R & D, production and sales of technical services in one of the ultrasonic and supporting industries of diversified companies. Business Scope: General Business Projects are: Industrial Automatic Control System Device Manufacturing; industrial automatic control system device sales; mechanical and Electrical, equipment manufacturing; sales of eco-environmental materials; Environmental Protection Special Equipment Manufacturing; environmental protection special equipment sales; hardware products wholesale; hardware, product development; electrical accessories sales; home appliances accessories sales; Home Appliances R & D; Sales of first-class medical devices; sales of electronic products; information technology consulting services. (in addition to the items subject to approval by law, the business activities shall be carried out independently by virtue of the business license in accordance with law.) The permitted items are: the production of type I medical devices, the import and export of goods, and the import and export of technology. (for projects subject to approval according to law, the relevant departments shall approve them before they can start their business activities, and the specific business projects shall be subject to the approval documents or license documents issued by the relevant departments.) Hardware products manufacturing; electrical accessories manufacturing; Household electrical appliances manufacturing; electronic components and electromechanical components manufacturing equipment; electronic components manufacturing.

Our Advantage

Extraction emulsification, thoroughly clean the dead corner of the workpiece, a variety of workpiece batch cleaning, multi-functional cleaning, reduce pollution, reduce labor, shorten working time, reduce labor intensity, environmental protection and energy saving; Focus on chemical machinery industry for many years, strict control of each step of production, manufacturers to ensure the quality of supply, drawings and samples processing custom.

Application Area

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in surface coating industry, machinery industry, electronics industry, medical industry, semiconductor industry, watch jewelry industry, optics, industry, textile printing and dyeing industry. Other industries.


Cleaning principle

Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasound in the liquid cavitation, acceleration and direct flow of the role of the liquid and pollutants, the liquid and the direct and indirect role, so that the dirt layer was dispersed, emulsified, stripped, to achieve the goal of cleaning.