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How do ultrasonic generators work?

Date: 2022-11-03Number: 692

The ultrasonic generator provides an excitation signal and a high frequency AC power supply to drive household ultrasonic transducers. Machine power in the 400-3000W adjustment, can be applied to hotels, clothing stores, building materials stores, manufacturers, machinery repair shops, food and beverage factories, farm requirements.

Vangying ultrasonic generator features and specifications:

Product size: 370mm * 295mm * 130mm

Product material: metal

Product color: white

Power: 600W

Frequency: 40 khz

Voltage: 220V

Custom Frequency: provide 20KHz or 40KHz, welcome OEM/ODM.

Custom Power: provide 600W, 900W, 1200W, 1500W, 1800W, 2100W, 2400W, 2700W, 3000W

How the Van Ying Ultrasonic Generator works

As a professional manufacturer of ultrasonic equipment, the van Ying ultrasonic generator is a device that converts electricity into a transducer, and the corresponding high frequency alternating current drives the transducer to work, it is an important part of high-power ultrasonic system, which can also be called electronic box, ultrasonic drive power supply, ultrasonic controller. Although the ultrasonic generator can also be called ultrasonic drive power, but in fact, the ultrasonic generator is only a part of the ultrasonic drive power. The ultrasonic power supply can be divided into self-excited type and other-excited type according to the different excitation modes, and the ultrasonic generator refers to its excited ultrasonic power supply, because the output power of the oscillating circuit is 10% higher than that of the self-excited circuit, most of the ultrasonic generators are used as the driving power.

ultrasonic generators

Advantages of ultrasonic generator

1. The panel is provided with an output intensity bar device, and the unique frequency and output intensity alternating digital display device can be selected;

2. The ultrasonic generator has the function of adjustable frequency scanning, which can continuously change the sound field distribution in the cleaning groove, avoid producing linear cavitation etching line on the surface of the workpiece, and also make the dirt on the surface of the workpiece fall off quickly, improve the cleaning effect;

3. The ultrasonic generator has the function of power regulation. It adopts advanced power regulation circuit to realize the stepless smooth regulation of ultrasonic power, which overcomes many shortcomings brought by the traditional method of indirectly regulating power by frequency

4. It has the unique anti-co-impact function in China, which overcomes the defect that the traditional generator is easy to produce lines on the surface of the workpiece and damage the workpiece, and also avoids the defect that the oil tank is damaged by cavitation

5, the original dust removal function, can be quickly separated from the dirt from the workpiece, and floating on the surface, applicable to the overflow cycle cleaning.

6. It has the function of overheat protection, which can protect the generator from damage.


1. Frequency tuning function

The ultrasonic generator has the function of fine-tuning the frequency, the adjustment range is 2% . Under different working conditions, fine-tuning can make the sensor always work in the best state, the energy efficiency can be maximized, and the sensor can be maximized under different working conditions. The results were good.

2. Frequency sweep function

The ultrasonic generator has sweep frequency function. In the cleaning process, ultrasonic frequency in a reasonable range sweep back and forth, drive the cleaning fluid to form a fine backflow, so that the dirt on the workpiece in the ultrasonic peeling and rapid removal from the surface of the workpiece, improve the cleaning efficiency.

3. Power regulation function

The ultrasonic frequency generator has the function of power adjustment, and the output power can be continuously adjusted between 10% -100% to meet the requirements of various cleaning objects.