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Is an ultrasonic cleaner really bad for you?

Date: 2022-10-18Number: 1345

Frequency: ≥20KHzm, can be divided into low frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency 3. The human ear can accept the sound wave in 20 ~ 20000 hertz between, the sound wave frequency is higher than 20000 hertz, is called the ultrasonic wave.

Ultrasonic waves travel through the liquid, causing the liquid and the tank to vibrate together at ultrasonic frequencies. The liquid and the tank vibrate at their own natural frequencies, which are the frequencies of sound waves, so people hear the hum. With the continuous development of cleaning industry, more and more industries and enterprises used to ultrasonic cleaning machine.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine are: ultrasonic cleaning effect is good, simple operation. Ultrasonic wave is different from microwave oven, ultrasonic cleaning machine is no radiation to the human body, sound wave itself is no radiation, electromagnetic wave radiation.

Because ultrasonic waves need a medium to travel through, usually water, they have a large attenuation rate in the air, and they have the largest attenuation rate in the air, relative to liquids and solids, so they don't have much of an effect.