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Debugging method of Van Ying ultrasonic generator

Date: 2022-10-13Number: 1317

Ultrasonic generator, also known as ultrasonic power supply, it forms a load (piezoelectric transducer) the same frequency signal, according to the power amplifier drive transducer work, and then produce ultrasonic vibration.

ultrasonic generator

How can we achieve the largest and most reliable output of ultrasonic energy?

This is also a concern of manufacturers and users, the same ultrasonic system is the core technology, need to rely on the ultrasonic generator and load (piezoelectric transducer) to achieve matching debugging. Whether the ultrasonic generator can be debugged in the best state will directly affect the heating and life of the power tube and transducer, which will affect the efficiency of ultrasonic energy transmission.

There are two main purposes for debugging a generator. One is to adjust the impedance value of the load to the necessary impedance value of the generator, called“Variable impedance matching”; the other is to use inductive components to eliminate the capacitive impedance of the load, called“Tuning matching”.

1. Variable resistance matching

In order to obtain the maximum output power, it is necessary to use the transfer impedance to make the load achieve the best output resistance of the generator. Usually, the primary and secondary turn ratios of the output transformer at the end of the generator are used to change the impedance of the load to match the output impedance of the generator so as to achieve the best transmission of electric power.

2. Tuning match

Load (piezoelectric transducer) in the resonant state can be understood as a capacitive component, capacitive components connected to each other in the circuit will produce a large number of reactive power loss, not only reduce the sound power output of the load, it also affects the stability of the generator, so it is necessary to compensate the capacitive impedance of the load. Power inductors are often added to the circuit to reduce the capacitive impedance of the load, so that it is called a pure resistance load, to enhance the acoustic power output of the load, so as to achieve a larger output of ultrasonic energy.

Therefore, it is very important to debug the ultrasonic generator scientifically and reasonably to keep the load in a resonant state with a certain bandwidth.

The difficulties of the ultrasonic industry

It is difficult to carry out the matching and debugging of ultrasonic system.

The industry is generally based on the experience of the debugger to carry out matching debugging. In the field of ultrasonic cleaning, for example, some people according to change the water level, water temperature, frequency to judge the current change, current change small, small generator heating, cavitation sound, it is considered to have already matched. This kind of experience-based matching and debugging is the current ultrasonic cleaning field can not be sustainable development of an important factor. This has also led to a high failure rate of domestic ultrasonic cleaning, the status of work is not stable, so that the cleaning effect of high stability requirements of customers prefer to buy imported products at high prices, but do not dare to deal with cheaper prices, after-sales service faster domestic products.

“Support for one-click matching” and“One-machine matching”

The F6 series ultrasonic generator launched by Van Ying Ultrasound focuses on making matching and debugging more and more convenient, and also the generator becomes more practical and more intelligent. There is no need for experienced professional to do the matching and debugging, and everyone can easily support one-click completion Can easily access to digital network, cleaning machinery, plant control communication. Complete“Support one-key matching” and“One-machine matching” to help intelligent manufacturing.

More and more cleaning machinery manufacturing enterprises focus on the application of more convenient, more practical, more intelligent ultrasonic generator, not only can reduce the need for ultrasonic debugging staff, reduce the time of ultrasonic matching and debugging, it can also improve the overall quality and level of cleaning machinery, simplify and minimize the process and frequency of after-sales maintenance services, and more importantly, it can seize a major opportunity to advance national industry digital upgrading, together with our customers, we will complete the industrial transformation and upgrading according to independent innovation, and let the enterprise enter the new cycle of sustainable development.