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How to judge how to use ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove wax?

Date: 2022-11-23Number: 1228

How to judge how to use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove wax, must be clear about the efficacy of wax and cleaning requirements, although wax removal is not a major project, but it requires skills, the same higher requirements, for example, the product remains unchanged after wax removal, especially in terms of shape, size, and characteristics. To be more specific, the surface of the product should be smooth, no wax residue, no scratches, no pitting, because the wax is difficult to dissolve in water, when applied thin and symmetrical, usually to remove completely is not easy.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

In fact, there are many traditional methods of wax removal, such as simple scrubbing, wax removal organic solvent immersion, wax removal organic solvent spray solution or the use of cutlery scraping, etc. , however, this method is not put into use or more funds, because of small losses, or not cleaning the effect is not good, or is the process of cleaning the original hazards of the product, improve the rate of product scrap, causing heavy losses. How does the ultrasonic cleaner remove wax?

With the development of the times, various modern technologies have been applied. Dewaxing ultrasonic cleaning machine has a special mechanical effect and thermal effect, the wax, dirt and other stains have a strong ability to decompose and disperse, ultrasonic cleaning has the advantages of rapid, high efficiency, high cost-performance ratio, clean degree symmetry, easy to realize automation, reduce labor intensity and so on, therefore, ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in modern industrial manufacturing process, especially suitable for porous, complex geometric structure of the workpiece needs of ultrasonic wax removal.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses an electric current to Sonication the cleaning fluid, causing countless tiny bubbles in an instant. The bubbles grow and eventually crack as the pressure increases, the constant cause of the bubble and cracking, gradually damage, decomposition, detached from the surface of the wax, and then wax, dust, grease and other stains from the work-piece peeled off. Ultrasonic cleaning 360 degrees, and will not damage the surface of the object, can be large-scale cleaning. With the advantages of high efficiency, adaptability and non-damaged products, the modern enterprise cleaning necessary equipment.