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The higher the power of the ultrasonic cleaner, the better?

Date: 2022-11-23Number: 1555

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in railway, automobile, aerospace, aviation, machinery, electronics, LCD manufacturing, optics, medical, electroplating, coating and vacuum coating industries. These so-called ultrasonic cleaning machine power is usually refers to the ultrasonic output power of the cleaning machine, usually the greater the ultrasonic output power, cleaning force will be stronger, more efficient. In the procurement of ultrasonic cleaning machine, not only need to see the capacity and frequency of the cleaning machine, but also take into account the size of the ultrasonic power. The cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine is not good mostly because of not choosing the right power.


First, the power is not the higher the better, the most important is appropriate

The higher the output power of ultrasonic cleaning machine is, the stronger the cavitation intensity is. Although it is beneficial to the cleaning effect, the cavitation corrosion at the bottom of the tank will be more serious, but if the power of the ultrasonic cleaning is too small, it will harm the cleaning time of the articles and lead to the long cleaning time or the error of the cleaning effect.

Second, ultrasonic cleaning machine power-how to select the frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cavitation threshold is closely related to the ultrasonic frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher the threshold. The lower the frequency, the smaller the cavitation threshold must be, and the easier it is to produce cavitation, and the longer the interval between the compressions and the sparseness of the liquid at the lower frequency, so that the bubble can grow to a larger size, enhance cavitation strength, beneficial to the effect of ultrasonic cleaning. Therefore, the low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is more suitable for large parts or stains and cleaning workpiece surface adhesion is relatively high, such as automotive engines, valves and so on. But the low frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is easy to corrode the surface of cleaning parts, its frequency is relatively low, and the noise is relatively large. Therefore, for the workpiece surface requirements of higher hardness of the parts should not be selected relatively low frequency.

Compared with high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine penetration is relatively strong, at the same sound intensity, than low-frequency cavitation bubble generated more, therefore, it is more suitable for cleaning the relatively more precise, more complex surface structure, more blind holes parts. And the noise of high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is also relatively small, but the cavitation intensity is relatively low, more suitable for some precision parts, cleaning stains and cleaning the surface adhesion of the workpiece is poor.

Third, the power calculation formula of ultrasonic cleaning machine

(1) according to the transducer (commonly known as vibrator) to calculate. At present, there are two kinds of transducer power: 50W/PCS and 60W/PCS.

(2) it is enough to know the length and width of the groove body. Every 100mm a seismic, regardless of the distance, seismic power is usually used 50W or 60W. 600 * 400 = 240,000 divided by 10,000 = 24 vibrators 24 * 50 = 1200W 24 * 60 = 1440W.

(3) the slot body is usually placed on the bottom, 600 * 400 mm surface, under normal circumstances, the balanced arrangement of the 24 shock on the line, if the pollution is heavy, should appropriately increase the power, balanced placement of 28, if it is 50W shock, total power about 1400W, matching a 1500W generator on the line.

(4) if the vibrator is placed next, the specific power calculation of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is 60 * 40 * 0.55 = 1320W.

The selection of ultrasonic cleaning machine power is very important to the cleaning effect and cleaning time of ultrasonic cleaning machine, only scientific and reasonable selection of ultrasonic power suitable for their own, the cleaning effect is more appropriate.