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The moon cake mold, may use the ultrasonic mold cleaner to clean!

Date: 2022-09-09Number: 677

Moon cake mold is used to make moon cakes, is generally the form of mid-autumn Moon Cakes, in addition to do moon cakes, moon cakes can also be used to make mold mung bean cake. The material of the mooncake mould is different from the kitchen utensils we usually use for dinner. It can not be cleaned with hard materials such as wire brushes, hard and soft bristles, non-smooth wiping cloth, or with overly strong chemical cleaners, otherwise it will damage the metal material or non-stick coating on the surface of the mooncake mold. This kind of cleaning can use ultrasonic mold cleaning machine to carry on the cleaning.

ultrasonic mold cleaner

Ultrasonic mold cleaner can replace metal surface reaction (such as accelerating catalytic reaction) , powder solid particle reaction, emulsion reaction, symmetry reaction, and phase-to-phase Phase-transfer catalyst (PTC) reaction. At present, there are many kinds of ultrasonic mold cleaning machines on the market, according to the multi-functional structure of the main purposes, according to the model selection. But because the ultrasonic mold cleaner design too much, ultrasonic mold cleaner cleaning moon cake mold small details, see you will actually operate, so all the ultrasonic mold cleaner welding operation seems to be very simple.

According to the key points of practical application, the manufacturers of Van Ying ultrasonic-ultrasonic cleaning machine have established the single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine and the multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine. Tank ultrasonic mold cleaning machine is an indispensable part of the mechanical system of single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine.

The ultrasonic mold cleaner is the same as the high-powered dishwasher, and this step will remove any stains that may be attached to the surface of the mooncake mold. Each cycle is subjected to thermal sterilization to ensure the safety of the recovery solution. After cleaning the moon cake mold, can inspect and assemble the equipment, lay the foundation for disinfection, first check each machine equipment has no problem in the work, then the machine equipment composition packaging. Therefore, each disinfection supply professional and technical personnel must understand each kind of moon cake mold and the basic principle of work, and distribute it to the operators.

No matter what the filter material is, most use a period of time, there will be a lot of residue and other things. Some ordinary ultrasonic mold cleaner prices lower, but some chemical fiber industry use, as long as close to tens of thousands of yuan, are basically imported filter elements and the like. In fact, the ultrasonic mold cleaning machine in the specific cleaning process to enhance the surface of the washing machine radiation. Ultrasonic mold cleaning machine to clean the small details of the moon cake mold, see you will actually operate. In addition, ultrasound is so strong that it can block obstructions immediately. Many items are cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner.

The ultrasonic mold cleaner is the same as the basic ultrasonic cleaner and consists of a Ultrasonic transducer, an ultrasonic cleaning tank, and an ultrasonic generator. The water tank of the ultrasonic mold cleaner is made of high quality stainless steel and has very strong toughness and corrosion resistance. It has a Ultrasonic transducer at the bottom and a high-frequency, high-voltage ultrasonic generator.