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Van Ying ultrasonic cleaning machine generator of the top ten functions!

Date: 2022-09-16Number: 652

An ultrasonic generator, also called an ultrasonic power supply, is a device for generating ultrasonic frequency electrical energy and providing it to an ultrasonic transducer. It is a channel for sending the electrical energy output from the generator to the transducer, it consists of oscillating, amplifying, matching circuit and power supply. The oscillator generates a certain frequency signal, and the amplifier amplifies it to a certain power output. When the value reaches the optimal load value, the impedance is matched by the output transformer, and the power amplifier is output. Fan Ying ultrasonic cleaning machine generator, using foreign advanced technology, self-developed and produced high-performance products, long-term proof of use, whether it is connected to a single cleaning tank, vibration plate, or supporting large-scale automatic cleaning system, van Ying ultrasonic generator can show the advantages of high efficiency, stability, easy operation and so on.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

An important difference between the vangin ultrasonic cleaning generator and the general ultrasonic generator is that the matching between the general ultrasonic generator and the load usually involves only the impedance transformation, in addition to the impedance transformation, the matching between the generator and the load of the van Ying ultrasonic cleaning machine also has a very important content-tuning, that is, the selection of a certain value of the impedance components, it resonates with the reactance component of the load at the operating frequency. Only after the impedance transformation and tuning are carried out at the same time, the whole system is considered to be matched and the transducer can work properly.

Therefore, the van Ying ultrasonic cleaning machine generator has ten functions

1. Power regulation function

2. Digital display function

3. Soft-start protection

4. Boot delay protection

5. Timing function

6.PLC remote control function

7. Intelligent Digital Regulation

IGBT power tube drive

9. Corrosion protection

10. The strength of ultrasound is stepless and adjustable

Of course, in addition to this, Van Ying ultrasonic cleaning machine generator matching circuit is also a major highlight. Although the matching circuit is simple in structure (there is usually only one matching inductor) , it plays an important role. The same model of cleaning machine, matching adjusted good cleaning effect; matching adjusted bad cleaning effect is poor. For the same machine, if the cleaning effect after a period of time, or after the replacement of the transducer, the need to re-adjust the match. Different from the matching of general electronic equipment, the matching of ultrasonic cleaning machine not only solves the variable resistance problem (that is, changing the resistance value of the load, making it equal to the optimal load value of the generator) , but also solves the tuning problem, that is, the inductance matching inductance to offset the capacitive reactance of the transducer, so that the transducer is a pure resistance.