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Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is the best choice for cleaning medical equipment!

Date: 2022-09-12Number: 525

Use ultrasound to clean medical and veterinary equipment

Ultrasonic cleaning of medical devices and surgical equipment is recommended because it is a thorough and effective method for cleaning the most complex items. Many medical devices have difficult-to-clean nooks and crannies, while surgical instruments are often expensive and delicate. Ultrasonic cleaning is fast and efficient, and can prolong the service life of the equipment. Cleaning methods and chemicals used in aseptic processing must be effectively cleaned without harming the instrument or the user.

Removal of biological contaminants by ultrasound

Organic matter is deposited on the surface of medical equipment, which is in contact with every patient or employee. Bacterial biofilms can increase the risk of product failure, equipment contamination and infection. Ultrasonic cleaning of medical equipment, combined with specially formulated medical chemicals, can remove the accumulation of biological agents and other sediments (such as scale) .

Fan Ying ultrasonic ultrasonic cleaning equipment is the best choice for cleaning a variety of medical devices.

ultrasonic ultrasonic cleaning


Ultrasonic cleaning removes contamination from the surfaces of tools that an acupuncturist uses repeatedly before sterilizing or disinfecting them.

Analytical Laboratory

Cleaning instruments, lenses and other tools are essential in analytical laboratories. Our ultrasonic cleaning is used to completely remove contaminants such as protein and blood.

Dental Surgery

Improve the efficiency of dental clinics while effectively cleaning complex equipment. Ultrasonic cleaning can quickly remove pollutants.

A dental laboratory

Ultrasonic cleaning is fast, effective and well above medical cleaning standards. Van Ying ultrasound can remove contaminants -- even hard-to-reach surfaces -- from lab equipment.

Of course, general medical devices have to meet very high health standards. Ultrasonic cleaning gives you peace of mind and removes all contaminants after each operation.

Intraocular surgical instruments

Avoid eye injuries caused by improper cleaning of surgical instruments. Ultrasonic cleaning helps to keep these tools clean and reusable.

Medical Devices, orthopaedics, and implants (manufacturing of medical devices) 

Ultrasonic cleaning can be effective in cleaning even the most sophisticated implants and instruments, such as knee implants, spinal implants, bone screws, and surgical blades.


Pharmaceutical manufacturers use ultrasonic cleaning for a variety of processing equipment, such as tablet punches, nozzles, pipes, valves, and so on.


Medical Beauticians, and podiatrists have found that ultrasonic cleaning is an effective way to clean equipment thoroughly and quickly before disinfection.


Keep tattoo and piercing instruments clean and free of contaminants by using an ultrasonic cleaning machine for your equipment.


Using van Ying Ultrasound's ultrasonic cleaning machine, tissue and blood are removed safely and quickly from veterinary tools.