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What are some common trouble problems of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-11-21Number: 644

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is a common cleaning equipment in the laboratory at this stage. It is convenient to use and can be cleaned thoroughly. It can be mainly used for a variety of workpieces and equipment, especially for some small, irregular and difficult to clean, the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine is more prominent.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine attention often maintenance, or quite durable. But sometimes there will be equipment failure, can not work properly phenomenon, because many laboratories are using large-scale ultrasonic cleaning machine, not easy to move, maintenance, return and exchange of goods is very troublesome, if it is a small problem, can be self-repair, or in the factory under the guidance of maintenance personnel to repair. This paper summarizes some common trouble problems of ultrasonic cleaning machine and their solutions:


1, plug in the power supply, ultrasonic cleaning machine power lamp is not on

Potential root cause a: a blown fuse

Check if the ground wire is mixed with the fire wire or zero wire, causing the equipment not to be properly grounded, or if the instrument is short-circuited, or the components are aging and causing a short-circuit, which may cause the fuse to blow. Replace the new fuse after knowing the cause of the fault.

Potential root cause b: power switch failure, replace the new switch.

The indicator light of the ultrasonic cleaner is on, but there is no ultrasonic output

Potential root cause A. abnormal transducer;

Check whether the connecting plug of the transducer and the ultrasonic power board is loose or not;

The Ultrasonic transducer are susceptible to moisture. Check the plug connected with the transducer with Megohm meter and check the value of insulation resistance between the positive and negative electrodes of the transducer. If the insulation resistance performance is less than 30 Megohm, it is very likely that the transducer is damp. At this point, the transducer as a whole (not including the plastic shell) into the oven set at 100 ° C, drying for three hours, or with a hair dryer completely dry.

If the transducer is not damp, but the transducer is damaged, must replace the new transducer.

Potential root cause b: transducer oscillator burn-out;

After degumming the transducer vibrator, it is easy to burn the vibrator after a long time because of the poor connection between the vibrator and the vibrator surface. Use multimeter to measure whether the vibrator is short-circuit. If the vibrator is burnt out, you must contact the manufacturer for maintenance.

Potential root cause c: manostat failure;

The regulator is usually not destroyed, but it is likely to be reduced in the power tube resistance or short circuit, boot resulting in the regulator destroyed. The forward resistance is about 70 ω, and the reverse is ∞ . If the numerical deviation is too large or the forward resistance value is also ∞ , indicating that the manostat is damaged, it is necessary to replace the new manostat.

Potential root cause d: inductance, isolation transformer burn-out:

Due to the long-time work of ultrasonic cleaning machine, inductors, transformers belong to the heat dissipation components, its own temperature may be too high and melt, damage, resulting in a short circuit. If the inductor or isolation transformer is found to be burned out, replace the new components.

Potential root cause e: control board damage (for adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine) ;

Due to long-term work, or penetration into the cleaning fluid, resulting in device aging. Disconnect the control board from the motherboard if the equipment is not running. Power the motherboard, such as equipment work, then the control board is damaged, it needs to be replaced.

3.No ultrasonic output, but the cooling fan can turn

Potential factor A: a damaged power tube or a blown fuse.

The power tube on the motherboard will be due to the machine long-term uninterrupted use or cleaning liquid too little long-term use, resulting in short-circuit power tube. When the power tube is connected on the motherboard, use the multimeter to measure the position of the pins on both sides of the power tube. If the power tube is damaged, the components must be replaced in time.

4. Equipment tripping as soon as it's on:

Check whether the generator power line is short, generator rectifier bridge is not what the problem, with a multimeter to measure whether the four legs of the generator rectifier bridge is short-circuit, if short-circuit, replace the bridge rectifier.

5. The power of the instrument can not be adjusted

Check if there is anything wrong with the silicon control, use the multimeter to turn on the volume of the silicon control whether there is a short circuit in the three feet, the most important thing is to see if the two thickest feet of the silicon control is turned on, if it can turn on then replace the silicon control, it can be solved once and for all.

6, equipment cleaning effect is not ideal

Potential factor A: ultrasonic frequency coordination is not good;

Potential factor b: the tank body cleaning fluid level is not reasonable;

Potential factor C: cleaning fluid selection is not reasonable.

Potential factor D: The temperature of the liquid in the tank is too high;

Solution: ultrasonic cleaning machine to achieve the best cleaning effect, must be the correct setting temperature, cleaning time, choose suitable for their own cleaning fluid. Different materials, size of the items cleaning temperature, time, detergent is not the same, the actual user can see the use of the manual, or consult the factory after-sales staff.