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How to prolong the service life of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-11-19Number: 524

The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine and operating procedures are closely combined, how to better use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment can extend its service life?

ultrasonic cleaning machine

First, the application of ultrasonic cleaning machine must be in accordance with the standard operation:

1. Check whether the equipment is installed properly, whether it is reliable and safe grounding;

2. According to the cleaning process of cleaning objects, the detergent into the tank body, pay attention to prevent overflow;

3. Press the power start key, the indicator light is on, set the heating temperature, press the heating lightly;

Four. To meet the set cleaning temperature, will need to clean the items into the tank body, gently press the ultrasonic open;

5. After cleaning the items, turn off the power supply, end the whole machine operation, disconnect the total power supply.

Two, ultrasonic cleaning machine daily maintenance:

1. Place the ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the dry and ventilated area and maintain regularly;

2. Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the empty, to ensure that the tank body clean;

Anti-force impact device bottom;

Four. Regular removal of residues in the tank body to ensure the smooth operation of equipment.