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What are the effects of Ultrasonic transducer?

Date: 2022-11-21Number: 612

Ultrasonic is a kind of sound signal whose frequency is more than 20kHz. It has many advantages, such as great penetration depth, high resolution, good directivity and no harm from radiation, widely used in medical imaging diagnosis, medical treatment, non-destructive testing technology, industrial testing and other key areas. At present, piezoelectric Ultrasonic transducer is still the mainstream method of ultrasonic detection. However, they are not aware of the limitations of large size, narrow bandwidth and electromagnetic interference, in some special fields, such as strong electromagnetic environment, minimally invasive surgery embodies a great limitation. The high integration, high precision, anti-electromagnetic interference optical fiber detection technology brings the possibility to improve these limitations. As a kind of transducer which can convert optical signal and ultrasonic signal, the fiber-optic ultrasonic transducer has two kinds of functions: ultrasonic emission and ultrasonic detection, the fiber-optic ultrasonic transducer has smaller size, higher emission sound pressure, larger emission and detection bandwidth, and higher detection sensitivity. As a result, Ultrasonic transducer based on optical fibers have been widely used in key areas such as photoacousticultrasonic imaging, non-destructive testing, equipment safety testing, etc. . In order to enable researchers in various fields to master this high-speed development of ultrasonic detection technology, the article describes in detail the continuous development of optical fiber Ultrasonic transducer technology and its latest application research results. Firstly, the basic principle and research results of the fiber-optic ultrasonic transducer are discussed, and then the ultrasonic detection technology based on the fiber-optic ultrasonic transducer is explained Finally, the application of optical fiber ultrasonic transducer technology in medical imaging, non-destructive testing, partial discharge and other aspects of the application of medical imaging technology, industrial detection applications.

piezoelectric Ultrasonic transducer

As a key component of ultrasound equipment, Ultrasonic transducer is used to convert electrical signals, optical signals and ultrasonic waves to and from each other. When used in the transmitter, the transducer converts the excitation signal provided by the excitation source into the mechanical vibration of the transducer according to some kind of effect, and then sends the ultrasonic wave to the medium; when used in the sensor, it is just the opposite, an external Sonication on the ultrasonic transducer causes a change in the structure of the transducer, resulting in a corresponding change in the internal electric, electromagnetic or light fields of the transducer, and the corresponding output signal is generated at the output end of the transducer. Fiber-optic ultrasonic transducers can be widely used in both active and passive ultrasonic detection: in active ultrasonic detection, transducers are used for both ultrasonic emission and ultrasonic detection; in passive ultrasonic detection, the transducer is limited to ultrasonic detection, and the ultrasonic signal is provided by the object to be measured in all directions. This paper discusses the high-speed development of fiber-optic ultrasonic transducer and the application of ultrasonic detection technology from two aspects of ultrasonic emission technology and ultrasonic detection technology.