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What should we consider when purchasing ultrasonic cleaner?

Date: 2022-11-22Number: 696

When purchasing ultrasonic cleaning machine should pay attention to the following aspects

1. So choose ultrasonic cleaner output power is lower, even if it is long-term use, it will not completely remove stains. The selected output power is larger, although it may be in a short time to quickly remove oil pollution, but it may also be to clean the target to bring some damage. Therefore, the choice of ultrasonic cleaning machine, must be suitable for their own output power.

2. When the output power is too high, the vibrating plate at the bottom of the cleaning cylinder will cavitation more serious, and the water corrosion will also be expanded, so the choice of organic solvents, such as trichloroethene, is probably not a big problem, but if the choice is water or water-soluble cleaning fluid, so it will also be subject to water point erosion.

It is suggested that the output power must be selected and matched in order to ensure the actual cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning machine for a long time cleaning effect is remarkable, easy to operate by everyone's hot.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

3. When the power is too high

When the power of ultrasonic cleaner is high, the acoustic intensity increases, the cavitation bubble radius and the starting radius increase, and the cavitation intensity increases. That is, the higher the sound intensity, the stronger the cavitation, useful for cleaning. But it is not that the bigger the output power, the better the actual cleaning effect, but the correct and reasonable selection of ultrasonic power.

4. Small power error

As the sound power increases, the cavitation effect becomes more obvious, resulting in a large number of useless bubbles, increasing diffraction attenuation, resulting in sound barrier. In addition, the higher the sound intensity, the greater the nonlinear attenuation, which may affect the cleaned parts away from the sound source of the actual cleaning effect. In addition, the cavitation corrosion of washing vibrating plate is more serious, resulting in shorter service life of equipment. If the ultrasonic cleaning power is too small, will affect the product workpiece cleaning time, cleaning time can be longer, and even deviate from the actual effect of cleaning.

5. Power selection

For those who do not know much about ultrasonic cleaning equipment, it is best to choose to buy ultrasonic cleaning machine, ask the manufacturer to grasp the details, and tell the cleaning product name, size, each cleaning volume is about, manufacturers will be based on the spot is also the need to customize recommendations to you, do not have to worry about the purchase of equipment is not suitable for cleaning their own products.

6. High-frequency and low-frequency effects of ultrasonic cleaning machines

The ultrasonic cavitation threshold is closely related to the frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher the cavitation threshold. The lower the frequency and the lower the cavitation threshold, the greater the probability of cavitation. At low frequencies, liquids are compressed and thinned over long intervals. Make the bubble may grow to a larger size, improve cavitation strength, useful for cleaning. Therefore, low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning is generally used in large parts of the surface or stains and workpiece surface adhesion of high conditions. But very easy to damage and corrosion of the workpiece surface. Therefore, higher surface requirements of the workpiece parts are not suitable for the use of relatively low frequency. Low frequency, the resulting noise also increases.

7. Select the frequency for each situation

The high frequency ultrasonic wave has strong penetrability and is suitable for cleaning the parts with high surface smoothness or complicated surface layer and many blind holes. At the same time, high-frequency ultrasonic noise is also small, more suitable for cleaning some precision parts, such as some electronic parts, small bearing processing, magnetic materials. And for some special products, such as IC chips, silicon plating on the choice of relatively high frequency of ultrasonic cleaning is better. For some large-scale products, such as automotive engines, valves and other large-scale workpiece should choose low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning. On the other hand, considering the efficiency and economy of ultrasonic cleaning, the frequency is generally chosen between 20-130KHz. The specific selection frequency should be determined by the corresponding experiment.