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The use of automobile ultrasonic cleaning machine advantages and important role

Date: 2022-11-21Number: 561

Professional restoration companies and classic car and bike owners are well aware of the importance of thoroughly cleaning engine parts for better performance, as well as the problems associated with engine repair and maintenance, especially if replacement parts are not always readily available. Extending the life of existing components is critical and requires intensive but safe cleaning.

Older engines, in particular, accumulate carbon -- reducing airflow and causing operational problems -- and often have charred oil deposits that are difficult and time-consuming to remove. As we all know, ultrasonic cleaning can remove all kinds of oil, grease, Rust, paint, lubricants and dirt.


Because ultrasonic cleaning relies on cavitation, it can clean engine parts without the use of irritating and dangerous chemicals-which is better for the environment and safer for classic cars or bicycle restorers. It also means ultrasonic cleaning of a wide variety of parts -- both external and internal. Ultrasonic cleaners are particularly effective for cleaning carburetors, cylinder heads, brake cylinders, throttle bodies, gearbox valves, manifolds, alternator, engine block and wheels. Ultrasonic cleaning quickly and efficiently penetrates parts-including previously inaccessible areas-to clean sensitive parts without causing damage, helping to maintain performance and extend the life of more sophisticated parts.