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How to maintain Van Ying Ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-09-06Number: 622

As we all know, when a new car is bought and driven to a certain extent, it should be maintained. Mechanical Equipment and watch bands should also be maintained over time. Hair and skin should all be maintained, because the maintenance can slow down the aging, electronic products, motor vehicles class maintenance can extend the service life. The same is true for the ultrasonic cleaning machines used in industry. When you encounter some customers, after purchasing the cleaning equipment back, it has been used for several years without any maintenance. In the early stage, we all had specialists remind us to change it to the maintenance period, but customers do not take care of the heart, think that we are trying to continue to earn their money, this concept is absolutely must not have.

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It is very happy that most customers will voluntarily request your home service for the ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance business, it is obvious that many people are gradually improving the concept of equipment maintenance, due to each maintenance, their ultrasonic cleaning machine can appropriately extend the service life of 3-5 years or more, and even more than 10 years, according to this comparison, regular maintenance can save you a lot of money because of the maintenance and care costs caused by the problems you encounter in the back of your cleaning machine. Now small make up to talk about with you, usually we are how to give hydrocarbon ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance. Let's talk about some of the habits of good operation: when using machine equipment, operators should bear in mind that the machine equipment can not be kept running continuously for a long time. When the machine equipment is continuously operated for more than 120 minutes, it is time to turn off the equipment and let the machine rest for more than 30 minutes. A person needs a break to keep working, not to mention the equipment, and the key rationale for doing so is to avoid seismic damage.

It is also necessary to pay attention to personal hygiene at all times, especially after cleaning the parts and components, and to clean the cleaning tank body quickly, especially if the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not used for more than a week, the more you want to clean the remaining liquid in the tank clean, this can avoid cleaning agent corrosion tank body. But be sure to start with good habits, cleaning on time is still necessary. Also, don't burn it dry. Don't think that you don't need a lot of water just because the workpiece is small. If you can only put a little bit of water in the cleaning tank, there is a possibility that the tank body will be burned. This kind of thing can be avoided, after the ultrasonic cleaning machine and equipment into the factory, we must have professional safety operation training, but also on time to the operators do technical training.