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What is the role of ultrasonic vibrators?

Date: 2022-07-29Number: 754


Three functions of ultrasonic vibrator
Ultrasonic dispersion: liquid medium, through the"Cavitation" effect of ultrasound in the liquid, the particulate matter in the liquid is dispersed and deagglomerated. Ultrasonic dispersion can be divided into emulsion dispersion, i. e. liquid and liquid dispersion, and suspension dispersion, i. e. solid and liquid dispersion. Its function has been in many fields of practical practice and application. The dispersal of suspension by ultrasonic wave, such as dispersing of titanium oxide in water or solvent in paint and plastics industry, dispersing of dye in molten paraffin, dispersing of medicine particles in pharmaceutical industry, dispersing of powder emulsion in food industry, and so on.
Ultrasonic wave extraction: ultrasonic wave extraction separation is a new technology which is designed according to the existence state, polarity and solubility of the effective component and effective component group in the material, the solvent is rapidly distributed to every corner of the solid surface, the organic components contained in the substance are dissolved in the solvent as completely as possible, and the multi-component mixed extraction liquid is obtained, and then the suitable separation method is used, the chemical components in the extract are separated, then refined and purified. After such a complete process, the final chemical components of monomer can be obtained.
Phacoemulsification: Phacoemulsification is the mixing of two (or more) immiscible liquids under the action of ultrasonic energy to form a dispersion system, a process in which one liquid is uniformly distributed in another liquid to form an emulsion. The physical mechanism of crushing insoluble solids (or liquids) is the cavitation of ultrasonic wave. Ultrasonic cavitation is the formation of a large number of bubbles in a liquid under Sonication. Small bubbles will grow gradually with ultrasonic vibration, and then burst and split suddenly, tens of thonds of small bubbles repeatedly increase and burst, in the rapid collapse of the bubble will produce high temperature and high pressure, and because the liquid around the bubble is rushing into the bubble at high speed, the strong local oscillation wave is produced in the liquid around the bubble, which also forms the local high temperature and high pressure./n/n /n/n