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Ultrasonic dishwasher installation tutorial

Date: 2022-08-19Number: 886


Installation: Link 220V50HZ voltage, using 4-6 square cable, need to add 60A leakage protector, and wiring.
Water level: according to the number of objects to be cleaned into the appropriate water level (water level must be over the heating pipe) generally at least 15 cm.
Cleaning agent: do not need special cleaning agent, ordinary cleaning agent (detergent) can, according to the size of oil, general tank with 200g cleaning agent, specific depending on the size of oil.
Radio work: turn on the“Ultrasonic” switch, (can also rotate the timing switch) green work indicator lights, at this time there will be a wheezing sound, said that the ultrasonic wave has begun to clean the work. Generally depending on the oil can be cleaned for 3-5 minutes, dry oil dust need to be soaked in water before full softening after cleaning.
Heating work: turn on the“Heating” switch, heating indicator light on, rotating start temperature control rotation, the water temperature control at around 50 degrees is better, if there is hot water, can be directly into the tank, can save energy, it also improves cleaning efficiency. When the heating function is needed, turn on the heating switch in advance, turn off the heating after reaching the preset temperature, and then start the ultrasonic wave, which can reduce the circuit load. The use of heating function can shorten the cleaning time and achieve better cleaning effect when the oil dirt is larger
Sewage: please ensure that all switches are closed to prevent dry burning without water, causing damage to the equipment, then open the drain valve, sewage into the sewer, the residue fished out and dumped, do not block the drainage pipe.