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The difference between internal transducer and external transducer of ultrasonic vibrating screen

Date: 2022-08-19Number: 658


Function analysis of ultrasonic vibrating screen
The key element of the superiority of the ultrasonic vibrating screen is the existence of the ultrasonic transducer, which can convert the ordinary electric energy into 18 khz mechanical vibration, and make the vibrating frequency of the vibrating screen surge from 1,460 times per second to 36,000 times per second, it is this kind of low amplitude, high frequency ultrasonic vibration wave (mechanical wave) that makes the ultrasonic vibrating screen stand out from the ordinary light screening equipment and become the high-efficiency screening equipment favored by the customers.
Classification of common transducer of ultrasonic vibrating screen
In general, the most common Ultrasonic transducer on an ultrasonic shaker can be divided into two types according to the type of installation, one is the internal ultrasonic transducer, the other is the external Ultrasonic transducer. Both internal and external transducers have their own advantages and disadvantages, in order to facilitate users to better choose their own vibration screening equipment:
The difference between internal transducer and external transducer of ultrasonic vibrating screen
1. Installation of different forms: the built-in transducer is directly fixed in the middle of the grid. The external displacement transducer is arranged outside the screen frame, and its extending part is at the edge of the grid frame;
2. Cleaning methods are different: because the built-in transducer installed in the middle of the grid, so cleaning up the need to remove the screen frame, and then lift the grid to clean. Because the external displacement transducer is installed at the edge of the grid, it is relatively convenient to disassemble and clean;
3. Different applicable materials: due to the problem of the installation position of the built-in transducer, it will come into contact with materials in the course of use, but for some conductive and corrosive materials, contact with the transducer will reduce its service life, it will also affect the output frequency and thus reduce the accuracy and output. The external displacement transducer is not in direct contact with the material because it is installed on the outside of the screen machine, so it can effectively protect the transducer and improve the service life, screening accuracy and output;
When we choose the ultrasonic vibrating screen, please describe the material characteristics clearly, so that the sales staff can recommend the vibrating screen equipment for your own production needs.