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The Ultrasonic transducer drive circuit board works!

Date: 2022-09-06Number: 642

Before you know it, Ultrasonic transducer have gone from simple ranging a few years ago to more high-tech applications. In the pursuit of higher application performance, people often neglect the important device -- Ultrasonic transducer drive circuit board. Let's talk about the Ultrasonic transducer circuit board.

High-frequency development panels and Ultrasonic transducer

I remember being asked a lot about the difference between ultrasonic sensors and Ultrasonic transducer. The search turned up little more than ultrasonic sensors made up of Ultrasonic transducer and circuit boards designed to make the transducers work. That's right, the Ultrasonic transducer circuit board's job is to make the transducer work, to make it work.

High Frequency Development Board

As an electronic component, the Ultrasonic transducer can not work alone. It needs a drive circuit board to give it a drive voltage, to make it work, and if it's receiving a transducer, it needs to take the energy it's receiving and convert it into code. This is its primary function. If the transducer is compared to the human body, then the drive circuit board is equivalent to the human heart, the need for a continuous blood supply to enable people to live a normal life.

Drive circuit board generally need to have the following parts:

1. The firing circuit

2. Primary amplifier circuit

A second-stage amplifier or a third-stage amplifier circuit

4.Ad sampling something

Bandpass filter or other filter circuit

6. Output port, such as: RS485, COM port, there are other output, such as: 4-20mA, CAN bus, profibus and so on.

High requirements, and power protection, overload protection, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-static protection circuit design.

In addition, the Ultrasonic transducer circuit board not only makes it work normally, but also transcodes data. There are many terminals on the circuit board, there are input terminals, there are output terminals, it needs to receive the power signal into different analog signals, transmitted to different terminals, this is another important role.

To sum up, if the transducer to work, it is inseparable from the cooperation of the drive circuit board, the two are inseparable.