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What can the ultrasonic cleaning machine clean?
  • Date: 2022-10-14
  • Number: 409
1. List of semiconductor materials products Ultrasonic cleaning equipment the List of semiconductor materials products that can be cleaned include integrated……
How to select the power and frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machine?
  • Date: 2022-10-14
  • Number: 402
Many people also do not know how to choose the appropriate cleaning of their own products ultrasonic cleaning machine, some customers buy the ultrasonic cleaning machine after the cleaning is not clean; Some customers feel that the product is damaged afte
What are the cleaning methods and advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine in auto repair industry?
  • Date: 2022-10-12
  • Number: 404
What cleaning effect does ultrasonic cleaning machine have on automobile, airplane, electric locomotive? 1. Cleaning efficiency: the special-purpose ultrasonic cleaning machine takes the place of gasoline and other combustibles in the maintenance and c
How much is the table top ultrasonic cleaner?
  • Date: 2022-10-12
  • Number: 360
Table top ultrasonic cleaning machine, also known as ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc. , mainly by the ultrasonic generator, Ultrasonic transducer and tank composition. According to the different requirements of cleaning items
What is the concept of ultrasonic cleaning machine?
  • Date: 2022-10-12
  • Number: 369
In today's society, there are too many things that need to be cleaned, and there are also too many kinds of cleaning. The common manual cleaning methods can no longer meet the requirements, so this is the ultrasonic cleaning technology is increasingly
Ultrasonic cleaning generally need to clean how long to clean
  • Date: 2022-10-11
  • Number: 602
How long must it take for an ultrasonic cleaner to clean things? How long does it usually take for an ultrasonic cleaner to clean things properly, i believe that many people do not have a clear time limit for this. They do not know how to grasp it. In fac
What kind of washing machine is used in the laboratory?
  • Date: 2022-10-11
  • Number: 375
With the continuous development and expansion of laboratory projects, the team of all kinds of bottles and cans that must be cleaned has gradually developed and expanded, for example, capacity bottles, sampling vials, wide-mouth bottles, conical bottles,
What are the problems needing attention in ultrasonic cleaning machine?
  • Date: 2022-10-11
  • Number: 381
Ultrasonic cleaner power switch on, no ultrasonic output. Failure to plug in 2, switching power supply or power output line damage, no power input; 3. The power adjustment button is in 0 position, and the knob is adjusted to the current 4A; 4,
How to make sure that the ultrasonic cleaning machine can work properly?
  • Date: 2022-10-10
  • Number: 389
Bacterial contamination this is a real problem, be sure to take all precautions! If there is no ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can not have a stain on the equipment for the corresponding disinfection and sterilization. The potential risk remains if o
How to use and function of ultrasonic vibrating plate?
  • Date: 2022-10-10
  • Number: 431
Ultrasonic shock plate composition The ultrasonic vibrating plate consists of vibrating plate and ultrasonic generator. When the standard model of ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for the designated workplace, in addition to the unique speci
What is the piezoelectric transducer for ultrasonic cleaning machine?
  • Date: 2022-10-10
  • Number: 418
The Ultrasonic transducer is a type of device used to convert other types of energy into ultrasonic vibration. There are many basic types, classified by energy source and wave-forming medium. Mechanical devices include gas-driven or pneumatic sensors, suc
What kind of medical equipment is the ultrasonic cleaning machine suitable for?
  • Date: 2022-10-08
  • Number: 432
Therefore, many modern medical machinery commonly used in the cutting-edge technology is heat-sensitive, this medical machinery can not be used high-pressure steam cleaning and high-pressure sterilization. Components such as electronics and fiber optics m
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