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What are the parameters of the ultrasonic cleaning machine?
  • Date: 2022-11-18
  • Number: 519
The core structure of ultrasonic cleaning machine The ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of ultrasonic generator, cleaning tank and three parts of the box: 1.Box: The screen of the ultrasonic cleaner is equipped with an ammeter, a pow
High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine more suitable for cleaning what items?
  • Date: 2022-11-18
  • Number: 446
During the operation of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the high-frequency oscillating signal, which is generated by the ultrasonic generator, is spread into the medium cleaning organic solvent according to the conversion of the transducer into the high-
How to choose table top ultrasonic cleaner?
  • Date: 2022-11-18
  • Number: 467
Tabletop ultrasonic cleaning machines are increasingly entering the public's field of vision, from small household ultrasonic cleaning machines, such as small tabletop ultrasonic cleaning machines, usually used for cleaning jewelry silver jewelry, wat
Can ultrasonic cleaning machine wash vegetables?
  • Date: 2022-11-11
  • Number: 686
The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the cavitation effect of ultrasound to clean objects. It is also a good choice for washing vegetables. Since the ultrasonic cleaning belongs to physical cleaning, there will not be any residue, moreover, the ultrasonic
Is the ultrasonic cleaning machine worth buying?
  • Date: 2022-11-11
  • Number: 514
With the rapid development of science and technology, the related fields infiltrate each other, so that the ultrasonic principle is not only widely used in engineering, mechanical equipment, electronic devices, chemical industry, biology, medical and othe
Can ultrasonic cleaning machine be used for aerospace precision parts cleaning?
  • Date: 2022-11-09
  • Number: 429
Over the years, Air China has developed a series of standards to control the cleanliness of aero-engine parts, etc. , the research and development of aero-engine in China has entered a new stage of parts cleanliness control from the beginning of liquid cl
Can the ultrasonic cleaning machine clean the surface dirt of the electroplating work piece?
  • Date: 2022-11-09
  • Number: 444
Electroplating is an indispensable part of industrial production, pre-electroplating cleaning using ultrasonic cleaning technology has become a new typical process. In the past, the traditional process before electroplating was to clean the workpieces wit
How do I use an ultrasonic cleaner?
  • Date: 2022-11-09
  • Number: 532
The multi-groove ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean all kinds of workpieces simply and efficiently, and many people can not clean the crevices and holes, so they can be fully cleaned in the multi-groove ultrasonic cleaning machine, so at present this k
How does the transducer work in an ultrasonic cleaner?
  • Date: 2022-11-08
  • Number: 512
There are two types of ultrasonic cleaning Ultrasonic transducer: magnetostrictive Ultrasonic transducer and piezoelectric Ultrasonic transducer. The former is hardly needed at this stage because of its high cost and low electro-acoustic efficiency Piezoe
How to reduce the noise generated by ultrasonic cleaning machine?
  • Date: 2022-11-08
  • Number: 554
Anyone who has ever used an ultrasonic cleaning machine is actually deeply touched by the fact that when using an ultrasonic cleaning machine, it will cause some high or low noise, which makes people very headache, i do not know is the ultrasonic cleaning
What are the high cost-effective ultrasonic cleaning machine recommended?
  • Date: 2022-11-08
  • Number: 478
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, high-cost quality may not be the best. Quality is better, the price is not necessarily the most expensive. In the manufacturing industry, cost-effective solutions are particularly critical to the company's trends. Many p
How to choose a suitable ultrasonic cleaning machine?
  • Date: 2022-11-08
  • Number: 509
How to choose a suitable ultrasonic cleaning machine? First, the selection of power Occasionally with small power, cost a long time and did not remove stains. But if the power reaches the specified parameter value, occasionally quickly remove the st
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