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What technology does the ultrasonic cleaning machine include?

Date: 2022-11-09Number: 336

The polishing surface polishing paste cleaning

Normally, the polishing paste is often mixed with paraffin wax, paraffin molecular weight, higher melting point, the state of solid at room temperature, is more difficult to clean the ingredients, the traditional method is to use solvent cleaning or high-temperature alkaline water boiling washing has many disadvantages. The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine can use water-based cleaning agent, in a medium temperature environment, a few minutes to thoroughly wash the surface of the workpiece, common process is: 1 immersion →2 ultrasonic cleaning →3 water (clean water) rinsing.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Cold-rolled steel plate with a surface of oil and very little rust

The surface of cold-rolled steel plate usually has oil, dirt or a little rust, so it is relatively easy to clean it, but after cleaning in the usual way, there is still a layer of very thin floating ash on the surface of the workpiece, which directly affects the quality of subsequent processing, so forced to use strong acid immersion method to remove this layer of floating ash. The surface of the workpiece can be cleaned more conveniently and quickly by using ultrasonic cleaning and adding proper cleaning fluid, so that the surface of the workpiece has high activity, sometimes it is even possible to avoid the activation process of acid dipping before electroplating.

A work piece with an oxide skin and yellow rust on the surface

The traditional method is to clean the workpiece with oxide skin and yellow rust by soaking in hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. If using ultrasonic comprehensive treatment process, can quickly appear in a few minutes at the same time to clean the surface of the workpiece oil, rust, and prevent the strong acid cleaning with the resulting hydrogen embrittlement.

In general, the application of ultrasonic cleaning technology electroplating and other industries will have a wide range of applications and development prospects. In recent years, many electroplating manufacturers have succeeded in replacing the original acid and alkali treatment station of electroplating line with ultrasonic cleaning technology and equipment, which has greatly improved the quality and production of electroplating parts, and improved the production environment, has obtained the good economic benefit and the social economic benefit.