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What solution is used in ultrasonic cleaners?

Date: 2022-11-04Number: 375

Classification of ultrasonic cleaning equipment

According to the type of cleaning solution, ultrasonic cleaning machine is divided into two types, water-soluble for the cleaning solution of cleaning equipment and the use of solvent-based ultrasonic gas cleaning machine.

The application of water-soluble cleaning solution for cleaning equipment

The ultrasonic cleaning machine can be divided into low frequency, high frequency, dual frequency and frequency modulation from the use of frequency.

01 low frequency

Low frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency 15-25kHz. Its cavitation threshold is low, the number of bubbles is less, but the blasting force is stronger, the cleaning time is shorter, the penetration effect is weaker, and the noise is higher.

02 high frequency

High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency is generally above 30kHz, its cavitation threshold is low, the number of ultrasonic bubbles more, sound wave can penetrate deep into small pores, narrow cracks and other hidden places. The cleaning time is longer than the low frequency. Suitable for cleaning lightweight, delicate or more complex components or assemblies.

03 dual frequency

The working frequency of double-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is 25-28kHz at low frequency and 46-48kHz at high frequency. Due to the use of dual-frequency ultrasound, the standing wave field symmetry in the clean cylinder has been improved to a certain extent, thus optimizing the cleaning effect.

Because the standing wave field is formed in the cylinder of the single-frequency ultrasonic cleaner, the dual-frequency cleaning is obviously improved, but there are more or less standing wave nodes at some points, and if FM cleaning is used, and there is a large bandwidth, the symmetry of acoustic field is better.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic gas cleaning machine using solvents

1. When a solvent is used, it is usually first heated to bring the cleaning agent to a boil to produce steam,

place the workpiece in the steam area of the washer.

The cold work-piece encounters the steam to produce the condensation, and produces the effect with the work-piece surface dirt.

The dirt is carried away with the drop and the workpiece is immersed in an ultrasonic cleaning cylinder.

The second cleaning is carried out according to the strong ultrasonic cavitation effect.

Then use the distillation of the clean clean liquid to carry out the spray gun, spray and wash off the surface of the residual dirt.

Finally, the workpiece is confined to the steam zone for drying.

2. Ultrasonic gas cleaning using solvent as a cleaning solution, with a strong ability to dissolve dirt, and then after the ultrasonic cleaning machine after more obvious function.

At present, the widely used cleaning fluid is freon F113, which has many azeotropes through various formulations, for different cleaning purposes.