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What items are prohibited from the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-10-31Number: 571

1. The basic principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Ultrasonic cleaning can help effectively remove contaminants from joints, gaps, and cavities.

As a disinfection supply center especially good cleaning helper, when ultrasound through the liquid, it makes the liquid vibration is very rapid, generally up to 20,000-38,000 per second vibration. The vibration spreads in the solution and produces a cavitation effect. The cavitation effect produced by the ultrasonic cleaning machine can reach the small gaps in the lumen and small areas that can not be washed by manual scrubbing. It is precisely because of this cavitation to complete the equipment can not touch the parts of the thorough cleaning.


2. What is cavitation?

As the ultrasonic waves pass through the cleaning fluid, the molecules in the liquid move faster to create small bubbles, which grow larger and more unstable until they implode. This implosion creates a vacuum in the solution, which in turn absorbs contaminants from the device, including those between joints, known as cavitation.

3. What items are prohibited from being used in ultrasonic cleaning machines?

Chrome-plated, ebony, fiber optic components and their plastic, Cork, glass, aluminum and other products are not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, because the ultrasonic cleaning machine to these devices will cause harm. For example, ultrasonic cleaning may be bright aluminum more and more gray, stainless steel equipment can usually ultrasonic cleaning, but other materials can use ultrasonic cleaning, but also to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

4. Why is the equipment pre-treated before ultrasonic cleaning?

The obvious blood and tissue fragments attached to the surface of the equipment contain proteins that absorb the energy of the ultrasound, thus reducing the efficiency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

5. Ultrasonic cleaning water temperature?

In the absence of specific instructions from equipment and detergent manufacturers, the water temperature of ultrasonic cleaning machines is generally between 27-43 ° c. the water temperature is too low to cause multi-enzyme activation, the effect of cleaning is also greatly reduced; too high a temperature, above 60 degrees C, will cause the protein to solidify, making it more difficult to remove.

6. Why exhaust before ultrasound?

After all, the process of filling water will produce too many bubbles, these existing bubbles will hinder the transmission of ultrasonic energy.

7. How Do You Vent?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in full water after closing the lid, let its air running 5-10 minutes, can discharge the gas in the water. But exhaust must be run after the tank is filled with water, not when it is filling, in order to prevent damage to the equipment.

8. When should I change the cleaning solution?

It's the safest and most efficient way to wash and change, and if that's not possible, you can refer to the following two points: 1) visually dirty water should also be replaced; 2) regularly at a predetermined time interval replacement, to avoid dirty particles re-attached to the device.

9. Special attention to ultrasonic cleaning?

Remember to close the lid to avoid aerosol diffusion.

10. What to look out for after using ultrasonic cleaners?

After each change of water, check the residue of the drain, clean the sink to avoid clogging.