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What is the use of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-11-07Number: 448

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine in every hospital widely used, here a simple explanation of the operation of medical cleaning machine, for reference!

Medical cleaning machine is mainly used in hospital dental, ear, nose and throat, operating room and other departments to clean medical instruments, containers and so on. The utility model can quickly remove dirt, and has the effect of sterilization and disinfection. Its cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect is also artificial can not be achieved, so the medical cleaning machine is widely used in the medical industry, has become an indispensable good helper for doctors and nurses.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

The use of medical cleaning machines is relatively simple, according to different types, divided into two types of operating steps:

1. Mechanical. Mechanical medical washing machine operation method, first connect the power supply, pour the appropriate amount of clean tap water, if it must be replaced by medical alcohol, will be cleaned equipment or containers into the sink, and then close the lid, if the cleaning object is too big to cover, and can be replaced in two cleaning. After setting up the cleaning objects, you can turn on the power. The power switch is the knob on the right. The knob also has a timing function. It is enough to rotate the knob to the right to a suitable time. At this time, the power lamp will also turn on. The medical washing machine will start. When the time is up, will automatically stop working, power lights will go out. At this point the cleaning items are cleaned. This kind of mechanical cleaning machine, because the control is not so accurate, and mechanical knob perishable and other factors, the company has been fully implemented a few years ago, CNC.

2, numerical control type. The operation method of the numerical control medical cleaning machine is similar to that of the mechanical type, but the control button becomes a light-touch switch, the control board is readjusted and controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, the frequency is accurate, and the conversion efficiency is very high, equipment failure rate is extremely low. Just adjust the time according to the digital display, digital type is with heating, located on the left, you can adjust the required temperature, the operation is quite convenient, and more intuitive.