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What is the product choice for the laboratory ultrasonic cleaner?

Date: 2022-11-05Number: 425

The ultrasonic cleaner is mainly used for cleaning pollutants. The high-frequency oscillation signal sent by the ultrasonic generator can convert the sound energy of the power ultrasonic frequency source into vibration to clean objects according to the transducer, achieve the overall cleaning of objects cleaning effect. Widely used in industry, national defense, biomedical and many other fields.


Product advantages

The cleaning speed is faster. At the same time, the cleaning process is more precise and faster, can shorten the process to a few minutes, greatly improve the efficiency coefficient of cleaning work.

Reduce costs. The ultrasonic cleaner is equipped with automatic circulation filtration device, which ensures the cleaning quality, can prolong the cleaning fluid replacement cycle, saves the cleaning agent, has high working efficiency, reduces the cleaning staff, and obviously reduces the cost.

We will continue to improve the working conditions of workers. The ultrasonic wave can realize the whole process from cleaning to blow-drying at one time on the production line, which reduces the intermediate link, reduces the labor intensity, and cancels the manual labor of the cleaner carrying and manual rubbing

No pollution to the environment. With sandblasting water jet cleaning, mechanical cleaning, because most of the dust air pollution, Harm People's health. Unlike chemical cleaning, there is a lot of acid waste, seriously polluting cities, rivers, soil and water.

Product selection

Power selection

First of all, to remember that cleaning effect ≠ power size, ultrasonic cleaning equipment advantage with small power, spend a long time and did not remove dirt. But if the power reaches the specified parameter value, the dirt is quickly removed. So according to the actual application of the selection of ultrasound power.

Temperature selection

Cleaning the usual dirt cleaning items, can adjust a little temperature can be cleaned; for heavy oil cleaning items, usually can be adjusted to 50 degrees C to remove dirt.

The selection of time

Different cleaning objects due to different materials, pollution levels are not the same, according to different cleaning objects to adjust the time changes.

Clean the selection of blue

In the cleaning of small parts, often use nets basket, because the mesh to cause ultrasonic attenuation, need special attention. When the frequency is 28 khz, 10 mm and more mesh is appropriate.

Cleaning fluid selection

Different cleaning items and cleaning purposes to use the cleaning fluid requirements are not the same, usually the low viscosity cleaning fluid is the best.