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What is the maximum temperature of an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-10-29Number: 610

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment common types of different frequency, different power, cleaning object and cleaning agent differences, cleaning temperature is not the same. However, if the ultrasonic cleaning machine settings to the best, you can usually achieve the maximum practical effect of strong, and therefore, ultrasonic cleaning of the general water temperature is better?

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

In the cold winter, if the temperature of the cleaning solution is low, cavitation effect is not good, cleaning effect is poor. When the temperature rises to a suitable temperature, the gas pressure in the cavitation bubble rises, and the final cleaning effect will be the best. Therefore, the ultrasonic cleaning machine adds a heating tube or an outer heating plate in the tank body to carry out the temperature control, when the temperature rises, the ultrasonic cavitation is easy to occur, so the cleaning effect is obvious. Correspondingly, when the temperature continues to rise, the gas pressure inside the bubble increases, causing the shock sound pressure to decrease, reflecting the actual effect of multiplying these two factors.

The water temperature of ultrasonic cleaning should be kept at 50 ~ 60 ° C, which is the best cleaning temperature. Usually, it is tested in the laboratory. The cavitation effect of this temperature is also good. If detergent is added, the practical effect of detergent is more obvious at the temperature of 50 ~ 60 °C. Most active enzymes are the most dazzling at such a temperature, which is the most effective temperature range for the decomposition of substances, therefore, it is generally recommended that the ambient temperature of 50 ~ 60 °C is suitable.