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What is the function of an ultrasonic generator?

Date: 2022-11-03Number: 453

1. Ultrasonic generator, also known as ultrasonic drive power supply, electric box, controller, is an important component of high-power ultrasonic system:

The ultrasonic generator Ultrasonic transducer a high-frequency alternating current signal to drive the Ultrasonic transducer.

High-power power supply generally uses the circuit form of switching power supply.

Ultrasonic power supply is divided into self-excited and it-excited power supply, self-excited power supply is called ultrasonic analog power supply, it-excited power supply called ultrasonic generator.

The output power of the ultrasonic generator is increased by more than 10% compared with that of the self-excited oscillating circuit.

Linear amplifier and switching power supply circuit are used in ultrasonic amplifier circuit.

Ultrasonic generator

2. The advantages of switching power supply circuit: high conversion efficiency, so high-power ultrasonic power supply in this form.

The advantages of linear power circuit: not strict requirements for circuit matching, allowing continuous and rapid changes in operating frequency.

Ultrasonic generator to produce a specific frequency of the signal, the ultrasonic generator can be a sine wave signal, can also be a pulse signal, this specific frequency is the frequency of the transducer.

Ultrasonic equipment commonly used ultrasonic frequency of 20 khz, 25 khz, 28 khz, 33 khz, 40 khz, 60 khz, 80 khz, 100 khz or more have not been widely used frequency.

3. Output Power

When the input voltage of the ultrasonic generator changes, the output power of the generator will also change, which will make the mechanical vibration of the Ultrasonic transducer unstable and lead to poor performance.

Therefore, it is necessary to stabilize the output power and adjust the power amplifier through the power feedback signal to make the power amplifier stable.

4. Frequency tracking

When the transducer works at the resonant frequency point, the efficiency is the highest and the work is the most stable.

The resonant frequency point of the transducer will change due to assembly and aging. If the change in frequency is only a drift, the frequency tracking signal can control the signal generator, so that the frequency of the signal generator within a certain range to track the resonant frequency point of the transducer, make the generator work at its best.

5. Pros

The ultrasonic generator can monitor the working frequency and power of the high-power ultrasonic system.

According to different requirements of users, real-time adjustment of various parameters: such as power, amplitude, running time, etc. .

Frequency trimming: adjust the frequency so that the Ultrasonic transducer always works at its best, with maximum efficiency and a 2% adjustment range.

Automatic frequency tracking: once the device has completed the initial set-up, it can work continuously without the need to adjust the generator.

Amplitude Control: when the load of the transducer changes, the driving characteristics can be adjusted automatically to ensure the steady amplitude of the tool head.

When the system protection system works in unsuitable operating environment, the generator will stop working and alarm will be shown to protect the equipment from damage.

Amplitude adjustment: amplitude can be instantaneous increase or decrease in the process of work, amplitude settings range: 0% ~ 100% .

Automatic frequency search: can automatically determine the working frequency of the tool head and storage.