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What is the advantage of ultrasonic cleaning machine compared with general cleaning methods?

Date: 2022-11-19Number: 488

In many cleaning modes, ultrasonic cleaning is the most efficient and practical one. The reason why ultrasonic cleaning can achieve this effect is related to its unique basic principles and cleaning methods.

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on the unique"Cavitation effect" physical effect of ultrasonic wave in the cleaning liquid medium, "Cavitation effect" produces microcosmic strong shock wave and high-speed jet applied to the surface of the object to be cleaned, so that the waste can be quickly broken off, to achieve high-quality, efficient cleaning purposes.

Tens of thousands of times per second of ultrasonic negative pressure expansion and strong compression of positive pressure blasting countless"Holes", high-frequency produce numerous micro-angle shock wave, to make the parts of the inner and outer surface of the washed object, the thin seam, the deep hole, the turning angle, the blind area and so on, clean and put in place, the excellent cleaning ability and efficiency can not be compared and replaced by other methods.

As we all know, in production and life, there are too many things that must be cleaned, and there are also too many types and stages of cleaning, such as the removal of pollutants from objects, the removal of tiny holes, there is no doubt that the more common manual cleaning methods are difficult to meet the standard for special-shaped objects and their hidden places, even steam cleaning and high-pressure jet cleaning can not meet the relatively high demand for cleanliness.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine can quickly and effectively clean the stains without damaging the cleaning parts. At the same time, it has very good cleaning effect for most of the machine parts with uneven surface or irregular shape. So what advantage does the ultrasonic cleaner have compared with the general cleaning method?

ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Technological advantages

Compared with other cleaning methods in the field of industrial cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine has been widely recognized for its excellent characteristics. Especially in the specialized, integrated manufacturers, these manufacturers of fixed production lines, washing machine is particularly suitable for these manufacturers. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning machine has gradually replaced the general cleaning methods, such as immersion, pressure washing and other technologies, become a common cleaning method.

2. Clean with high accuracy

At present, the general cleaning methods generally can only clean very easy to clean the dirt molecules or surface smooth components. The professional ultrasonic cleaning machine can have all kinds of products in the production of precision cleaning, all kinds of materials and equipment surface cleaning, can remove the surface of components and deep tiny stain particles are removed. This type of cleaning can make mechanical internal components clean and tidy and extend the service life of components.

3. Clean a wide range of areas

General cleaning methods are generally divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning, different from the general way of curing classification. Ultrasonic cleaning machine can use different cleaning organic solvents (WP -81 universal metal parts ultrasonic degreaser) to achieve the cleaning effect between the two. For example, ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning suggest the use of chemicals to remove rust on the surface of the workpiece, scale, dirt, but also can first use water, according to the vibration of cleaning items.