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What experimental instruments can the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine wash?

Date: 2022-11-05Number: 436

The application of laboratory ultrasonic cleaner

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaner is suitable for cleaning all kinds of laboratory equipment, containers, all kinds of oral liquid containers, food glass stainless steel containers, the operating room, endoscopy room, chemical laboratory, hospital supply room, oral dentistry, disinfection center and other hospital departments.

The ultrasonic cleaning apparatus in laboratory is mainly used in the hospital, such as manual knife, medical tweezers, forceps and other surgical equipment, all kinds of soft and hard endoscopes, all kinds of syringes, test tubes, glass pieces, dressing bowls, all kinds of plates, barrels, pressure gauges and other radioactive, polluting, large quantities, high-cleanliness medical equipment products.

laboratory ultrasonic cleaner

The application of laboratory ultrasonic cleaner

More and more laboratories find the convenience and application of ultrasonic cleaning. Aiming at the inner wall of the experimental glass container is always not clean by hand, the ultrasonic cleaner in the laboratory overcomes this situation very well.

Because ultrasonic energy can penetrate the inner walls of glass containers and small gaps, small round holes, blind areas, can also be applied to any glass containers, test tubes, measuring cups, parts or assembly of cleaning. When the cleaned part is a precision glass container, part or assembly, ultrasonic cleaning usually becomes a cleaning method that can meet different special technical standards.