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What characteristics should the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine have?

Date: 2022-11-05Number: 467

Because the laboratory for all kinds of equipment, instruments, samples and utensils, have a very high standard of cleanliness, all must use a dedicated ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning.


What are the characteristics of a laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine:

It is widely used

Because the laboratory will have different characteristics according to different industries, and the influential laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine in addition to the various fields of laboratory equipment cleaning, the sample can also be pretreated, broken, emulsified, dispersed, solubilized, extracted, defoamed, degassed, chemical reaction, nano-prepared, etc. , therefore, it has a very wide range of applications.

High efficiency without fever

Because the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the advanced technological design, thus has the more perfect structure, in the use can not only effectively improve the sound energy conversion efficiency, in addition, less resonance points are used in the structure design, so that the invalid heat energy can be minimized when the ultrasonic cleaning machine is in operation, thus meeting the standard of high accuracy for operating temperature.

Strong practicability

In order to simplify the operation of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine, so the use of one-button automatic button design, but also the choice of personalized settings, can fully meet the needs of various industries of laboratory applications. In addition, the use of LCD LCD display interface, so that the experimenter in the process of carrying out the operation. It is not only convenient but also simple and clear for all kinds of parameters.