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What are the specific functions of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the laboratory?

Date: 2022-11-05Number: 427

In recent years, with the development of social economy and the increasing number of scientific research laboratories, all researchers have a consistent worry, that is, how to clean the laboratory equipment simply and efficiently? Because laboratory equipment in the use of the process will be attached to grease, perspiration, laboratory substances and other stains, such as storage when not clean will also produce corrosion, mildew spots, which will not only the use of laboratory equipment, also affects the later stage operator experiment effect. The traditional cleaning is generally divided into two kinds, one is to use shovel, scrape, brush and other ways to clean, the other is through a variety of chemical decontamination solvent cleaning. Because of the shortcomings of the above two methods, cleaning is not clean, resulting in environmental pollution and many other problems, and then the ultrasonic cleaning equipment used in the laboratory under the high standard of decontamination of laboratory equipment.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning equipment

The ultrasonic cleaning technology is used in the laboratory for its environmental protection, high cleaning efficiency, quick cleaning effect, and other cleaning methods can not be compared with the advantages. With the development of ultrasonic cleaning technology, the use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in laboratory equipment cleaning and maintenance will be more extensive, so what are the specific efficacy of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the laboratory?

First of all, the essential function of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is cleaning, so its core purpose is to clean experimental equipment. A container, such as a measuring cup. Many laboratory utensils are very long and thin, the stain on the wall is often no wonder to remove, human scrub is difficult to timely, residual stains may directly affect the conclusion of the experiment. This has to be removed using ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Just put it in the sink, fill it with water and it will take a few minutes to clean the inside and outside of the container.

Why can ultrasonic cleaning equipment remove stains on the inside of utensils? This is because the basic principle of how it works is to use the high frequency of ultrasound to convert it into mechanical kinetic energy, which is then applied to the liquid in the cleaning tank, causing the liquid to cavitate, causing numerous tiny bubbles, which quickly burst, cause impact force, continuous impact immersion in the liquid surface of the object, so that the surface of the stain away, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning.

Secondly, due to the basic principle of ultrasonic cleaning technology, this kind of experimental equipment has a unique function in the laboratory, used for experimental equipment mixing, emulsification, separation, extraction, etc. .