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What are the parameters of the ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-11-18Number: 520

The core structure of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of ultrasonic generator, cleaning tank and three parts of the box:


The screen of the ultrasonic cleaner is equipped with an ammeter, a power master switch, an output power outlet and a frequency power adjusting switch.

2.Ultrasonic generator:

The utility model is composed of a power transformer and a rectifier system, an oscillator, a push stage, a power amplifier circuit and an output transformer, etc. .


The utility model is composed of a stainless steel channel, a composite transducer and a matching inductor. The transducer is placed at the bottom of the stainless steel tank. There is a vibration damping device between the stainless steel tank and the box frame.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Technical parameters of ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Frequency:

Frequency ≥20KHz, can be divided into low frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency 3.

2. Cleaning medium:

The use of ultrasonic cleaning, general two types of cleaning agents: chemical solvents, water-based cleaning agents. The chemical effect of cleaning medium can also accelerate the effect of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning is a physical effect, the two functions together to carry out in-depth, thorough cleaning of items.

3.Power density:

Power density = emission power (W)/emission area (CM2) is generally ≥0.3 w/CM2. The bigger the power density is, the higher the cavitation effect and the faster the velocity is, the better the cleaning effect is. However, for precision, high surface smoothness of the goods, the use of long-term high-power density cleaning will cause the surface of the goods“Cavitation” corrosion.

4. Ultrasound frequency:

The less the frequency of ultrasound, the easier the cavitation produced in the process of liquid, resulting in insufficient force, the higher the function, mainly used for workpiece (coarse, dirty) first wash. High frequency ultrasonic direction is strong, mainly used for careful cleaning of items.

5. Cleaning temperature:

In general, the best cavitation effect is obtained when the ultrasonic wave is from 30 ° C to 40 ° C. Cleanser is high temperature, the more obvious function. The operating temperature of ultrasonic wave is 50 ° C-70 ° C.

Mechanical failure of ultrasonic cleaner and its solution

Damage to the transducer:

Analysis: it is very likely that the ultrasonic cleaning machine because of long-term use in the boot, the temperature will continue to rise caused by gel melting transducer spalling or transducer ceramic part of the rupture.

Detection and treatment: measuring the insulation strength of the transducer with the shaking table, the insulation strength below 200mω can not be used, need to replace the new transducer.

The ceramic inside the transducer will also break due to long-term use, so that it can not work properly.

2. The insurance on the ultrasonic cleaner is compromised:

After the boot if found no switching power supply shows that no action, the first thing to consider is whether the switch power seat insurance is damaged.

Analysis: it is very likely that the user ground wire is mixed with fire wire or zero wire and is not grounded (the local ground wire is connected with the machine shell) , or it may be a short circuit fault of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, electronic components aging short-circuit fault, causing damage to the insurance.

Detection and processing: take out the insurance watch, there is no break, use the multimeter on-off gear measurement is off, to replace the device.

3. The power tube of the ultrasonic cleaner is damaged:

Analysis: the power tube on the motherboard will be long-term non-stop use of ultrasonic cleaning machine or cleaning liquid too little long-term use, so that the power tube short-circuit.

Detection and solution: when the power tube connected on the motherboard, with a multimeter to measure the power tube on both sides of the pin resistance, usually within 22 ω. After getting the power tube (disconnected from the motherboard) , the measurement of its various pins should not be connected.

4. The manostat is damaged

Analysis: MANOSTAT damage usually in the power tube resistance value is small or short-circuit, as well as the boot caused by its own is very little damage.

Detection and resolution: in accordance with the diode characteristics, forward conduction, reverse cut-off. The resistance value is less than 70 ω in forward direction and ∞ in reverse direction. If the numerical error is too large or the forward resistance value is also ∞ , to replace the regulator.

Damage to the bridge (diode rectifier circuit) 

Analysis: the situation of the same voltage stabilizing tube

Detection and resolution: the same according to the diode characteristics (the bridge is originally composed of diodes) 

6, inductance, isolation transformer damage

Analysis: due to the long-term work of ultrasonic cleaning machine, inductance, transformer belongs to the heat dissipation components, its own may be too high temperature and melting, damage, resulting in short-circuit.

Detection and resolution: inductance, transformer damage, the vast majority of cases can be seen intuitively burned signs, to replace components.

Control board damage (adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine) 

Analysis: ultrasonic cleaning machine long-term continuous operation, and components related to aging, and sometimes also will penetrate the cleaning fluid related.

Detection and solution: in the ultrasonic cleaning machine does not start the premise, disconnect the control board and the motherboard connection.

Common trouble judgement of ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. The ultrasonic cleaning machine opens the power switch, the power lamp does not light. Why:

A. the power switch is broken and there is no power input;

B. Fuse ACFU fuse.

2. When the ultrasonic cleaner turns on the power switch, the indicator light turns on, but there is no ultrasonic output. Why:

A. the connection plug between the transducer and the ultrasonic power plate is loose;

B. Fuse DCFU fuses;

C. common failure of ultrasonic power generator;

D. Common faults in transducers.

3. DC Fuse DCFU fuses in ultrasonic cleaner. Why:

A. Failure of bridge stack or power tube;

B. Common faults in transducers.

4. Ultrasonic cleaning machine power switch on, the machine has ultrasonic output, but the cleaning effect is not ideal. Why:

A. unreasonable level of cleaning fluid in the cleaning tank;

B. the frequency coordination of ultrasound is not well adjusted;

C. the liquid temperature in the cleaning tank is too high;

D. improper choice of cleaning fluid.

Everything has its own useful life, we should not prevent their departure, but can delay their departure time. Therefore, the maintenance and repair of ultrasonic cleaning machine is very important, I hope we can attach great importance to reduce meaningless costs, to create a high-quality life.