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What are the high cost-effective ultrasonic cleaning machine recommended?

Date: 2022-11-08Number: 480

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, high-cost quality may not be the best. Quality is better, the price is not necessarily the most expensive. In the manufacturing industry, cost-effective solutions are particularly critical to the company's trends. Many people in the selection of ultra-industrial cleaning equipment when you want to buy a large brand of ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning quality and after-sales service is very high to ensure. But at present all kinds of brands on the market, see the people dazzling, overwhelmed, many people do not know which cost-effective comparison. In fact, how to judge the quality of ultrasonic cleaning machine is very simple, just focus on the following aspects can be made to judge:

ultrasonic cleaning machine

01 ultrasonic cleaning machine vibrator

The vibrator is a key part of the washing machine, vibrator powerful equipment will be better to ensure that the operation of the equipment, vibrator quality is also very different, if you can pick a good vibrator, for the equipment itself is also a big boost, for the equipment cost-effective improvement is also very efficient.

02 ultrasonic cleaning machine circuit board

Circuit boards depend on whether the overall energy supply of the equipment is flowing smoothly. Valuable circuit boards ensure that the equipment is working properly. Usually a good circuit board is more expensive in terms of price, but for the equipment, is an indispensable component, and good circuit board durability, for the extension of the service life of the equipment is very helpful.

03 ultrasonic cleaning machine liner and its body materials

The material is better, the selected material includes the inner liner material and the body material of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, usually made of stainless steel material, good stainless steel has SUS304 stainless steel material, or medical materials SUS316 stainless steel materials, the thickness also needs to be appropriate, so anti-rust anti-seepage effect will be better.

04 ultrasonic cleaning machine technology processing technology

Control panel adopts digital function key, easy to operate, temperature, time and power can be freely adjusted, the liner adopts one-time stamping molding, the fuselage welding adopts argon welding process, casting, grinding, polishing, embossing and sealing are the five working procedures for body making, which are the key to evaluate the comprehensive performance-price ratio of ultrasonic.