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What are the characteristics of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-10-31Number: 434

Considering that the laboratory has a high standard of cleanliness for all types of equipment, instruments and samples used and their containers, etc. , because only through the professional laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean it can be up to standard. In this way, the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine with what features to ensure that the commonly used facilities and equipment in the laboratory to achieve a high degree of cleanliness?

laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. It is widely used

Considering that the characteristics of laboratories are different according to the different industries, and that the most popular laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machines, in addition to being able to clean specialized laboratory equipment for various industries, it can also be analyzed for the sample of some pre-treatment, crushing, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization, extraction extraction, defoaming degassing, accelerated chemical reaction, nano-preparation, etc. , therefore, it has a very wide range of applications.

2. High efficiency and no fever

Considering that the ultrasonic cleaning machine used in the laboratory has advanced process design, and therefore has a more satisfactory structure, which can not only effectively improve the efficiency of sound energy conversion in use, in addition, fewer resonance points are used in the structural design to ensure that the failure heat energy of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is kept to a minimum during operation, thus meeting the requirement of high accuracy of working temperature.

3. Practical

In order to simplify the operation process of the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory as much as possible, the AUTO one-button automatic button design is adopted, and the personalized selection settings are also provided, can also fully meet the needs of various industries of laboratory applications. Therefore, the experimenter not only in the operating process will be more aspects of a variety of parameters simple and clear.

In addition, the full range of products of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine also has different models, each with unique functions and characteristics, but also for specific industry laboratory, therefore, you can also choose according to the actual needs of the selection, to ensure that the maximum extent of the application of the laboratory requirements.