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Use ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove rust quickly and effectively

Date: 2022-11-19Number: 461

What is rust?

Rust is the product of oxidation. Or, more accurately, the corrosion of iron and ferrous alloys.

Rust removal

There are a number of“Recognized” rust removal processes. For example, if you're looking for“Natural” ways to remove rust from tools, you might find recipes that contain lemon juice. Sometimes chemicals can be used in this process. These processes usually take a long time to soak and can be dangerous if they are not familiar with the process or if proper safety precautions are not taken when trying to remove rust from these tools.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are a better and more economical (meaning time and money) method. This is especially true if the service is provided as an owner of the business, or if rust in the business is a common problem.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines

Use ultrasonic cleaner to remove rust quickly and effectively

If you use tools often, you know how complex some of these components are. They sometimes look simple, but sometimes there are many moving parts, with many small cracks and gaps. Even after a long soak and careful scrubbing, it is nearly impossible to clean out all cracks and crevices.

The unique process used in ultrasonic cleaning ensures that this is not the case when using this method to remove rust from tools or parts.

During this cleaning, the ultrasound creates tiny cavitation bubbles that cover the surface of the tool or part and penetrate every tiny crack and crevice. No harmful chemicals are used in the cleaning process. In contrast, a water-based cleaning solution that is not dangerous or environmentally friendly to use. This cleaning solution is carried to each surface of the tool or part in these bubbles, which implode and allow the cleaning solution to permeate each area of the tool or part. To put it in a better way, these implosions are a very violent act, just not as violent as people think. This implosion can clean an object without really compromising its integrity.

The combination of ultrasound, heat setting, and cleaning formula turns a process that may take hours or days into a process that takes only minutes.