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Ultrasonic cleaning machine operating procedures and matters needing attention

Date: 2022-10-31Number: 493

Because of the rapid development of the ultrasonic cleaning technology, because the ultrasonic cleaning effect is obvious, easy to use, more and more industries and enterprises have used the ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in laboratory equipment, medical equipment, all kinds of electronic equipment cleaning and other key areas. As a new high-tech product, ultrasonic cleaning machine must be trained before it can be used on-the-job operation, operation must pay attention to operating norms, careful maintenance of the machine.


The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine, also known as ultrasonic cleaning machine, a kind of use of ultrasonic cleaning machine on the surface of the object, its application is very wide, including surface coating industry, machinery industry, electronics industry, medical industry, semiconductor industry, watch jewelry industry, optical industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, etc. , the function of ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly displays in three aspects:

1. Role in family life

In ordinary life, ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used to clean gold and silver jewelry, razor, pen, toothbrush, false teeth, comb, CD, etc. , in daily life, mainly for some jewelry, household tools and fruit cleaning, but also sterilization.

2. The role of optical instruments

Ultrasonic cleaning of lenses has special features, some optical lenses, all kinds of glasses, microscopes, cameras, magnifying glasses, cameras and telescopes in the lens and parts through ultrasonic cleaning, not only can clean bright as new, and will not show any damage to the lens.

3. The role of jewelry processing

In the jade processing often use a lot of complex shape and clearance and more workpiece. In the process of grinding and polishing of jade and ornaments, there will be a lot of dust and waste attached to jade and ornaments. Ultrasonic cleaning can be the traditional cleaning methods can not clean the waste clean as bright as new.

Second, ultrasonic cleaning machine operating procedures and matters needing attention

1, ultrasonic cleaning machine operators must pass the training, skilled grasp of equipment performance and operation technology, can be on-the-job operation.

2, the washing machine should be placed in the cleaning, drying and non-strong corrosion gas and environment, and avoid violent vibration.

3, before starting the machine should check the power supply, switches, lights, indicators, protective cover, such as there is no problem, whether there is leakage of the machine, to ensure that the tank body cleaning.

4, do not turn on the machine when there is no cleaning fluid in the tank body, in order to avoid damaging the ultrasonic system.

5, the back of the generator should be left enough space for heat dissipation.

6, ensure that the machine has a good grounding, to prevent personal injury accidents.

7. put in the cleaning fluid and the workpiece and close the shield. Set the temperature, time, current and other cleaning parameters, turn on the working power, check whether there are any problems with ultrasonic work.

8, the workpiece should be placed in the cleaning basket cleaning, avoid directly on the bottom of the tank, so as not to cause cleaning effect.

9. Put the cleaned products into the trays in an orderly manner. Avoid the workpiece in the loading and unloading and cleaning process scratch the surface.

10, if there is anything unusual in the cleaning process, you should immediately stop the machine to check. After the trouble is solved, it can be produced normally.

11. The cleaning fluid must be maintained regularly to ensure that the cleaned product meets process standards.

12, if the tank body is found to have water seepage, should immediately shut down, and empty the cleaning fluid after contact with the seller.

13,Do not disassemble equipment without permission.

14,After cleaning, be sure to turn off the power to avoid accidents. Clean the dirt on the equipment and make sure the equipment is clean.

15,Components need to be air-cooled to room temperature before they can be packaged.

16, cleaning fluid temperature will increase with continuous working time, cleaning machine continuous running time is best not more than 8 hours.

17, for the cleaning machine with heating device in the end of cleaning, must first turn off the heater to clean the liquid cooling before emptying the liquid.

18. No smoking and open fire around the ultrasonic cleaning machine, no inflammable and explosive articles, good fire safety measures.