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Three development directions of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Date: 2022-10-29Number: 500

With the expansion of the application fields, the ultrasonic cleaning technology also has a rapid development. In the field of ultrasonic cleaning machine, enterprises need to constantly improve, constantly solve problems, continuous updating, follow the trend of future development, in order to cut through the fierce market competition, to create a stable quality of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

The three development prospects of ultrasonic cleaning technology:

First, to achieve a relatively high level of automation

In recent years, the development of a flexible, high level of automation of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine. It not only completes the automatic control and batch production of ultrasonic cleaning, but also stabilizes the cleaning process and improves the cleaning efficiency. This kind of ultrasonic cleaning machine will be ultrasonic cleaning and chemical cleaning, rinsing, dehydration, drying and other processes combined, so there is a very high cleaning efficiency. In the transmission, cleaning, drying, the main use of PLC programmable controller for control, so as to achieve full-automatic cleaning process.

Second. Ultrasonic cleaning is used for ultrasonic descaling

The purpose of ultrasonic descaling is to treat the fluid by using the ultrasonic strong sound field, so that the physical and chemical characteristics of the scale-forming material in the fluid will have a series of changes under the influence of the ultrasonic field, it is not easy to adhere to the tube, the wall of the formation of fouling. As a unique application of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic scale inhibition has been widely used.

Third, the ultrasonic vibration cleaning method will be applied to the first-line production

In this method, the ultrasonic wave is transmitted to the cleaned workpiece by the vibrating head and the horn, taking advantage of the fact that the ultrasonic wave can cause a great acceleration and Action Force at the point of the medium when it is propagated in the solid medium, therefore, the medium point of the work piece vibrates at a high speed at the equilibrium position, causing the dirt to be loose and separated from the work piece, so as to achieve the goal of cleaning. As the vibration ultrasonic cleaning machine is still in the product development, the future will be used in the automatic production line kinescope, in the domestic high-precision line can play its unique role.

After grasping the three development prospects of ultrasonic cleaning technology, and then survey the market trends, we can find that as long as there is a reputation of ultrasonic cleaning companies are constantly exploring and innovation, and strive to occupy a larger market share. We have a top-notch ultrasonic cleaning technology, continuous learning and innovation, to provide users with better quality.