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The correct maintenance method of the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory

Date: 2022-10-28Number: 479

The laboratory is used in the research and development of products and testing sites in various industries, so there are very high requirements for the various items selected in the laboratory, therefore, only a full range of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machines can meet the laboratory for cleaning and other aspects of some requirements, but want the performance of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machines and equipment can be from beginning to end, in the use of the process it is necessary to carry out the correct maintenance.


1, if the surface of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine has stains, you can use semi-wet cotton cloth to wipe, but not directly with water to the equipment for washing, in order to prevent the equipment running too much cleaning fluid and overflow of the phenomenon, to prevent water splashing into the vibrator, electric heater or electronic circuit board so as to produce mechanical failure.

2, must clean the stain and other appendages of the cylinder bottom and fuselage of the ultrasonic cleaning machine regularly, keep the stainless steel fuselage of the cleaning machine smooth and clean, in order to provide stable working performance for a long time. The floor can be cleaned regularly to keep the drainage facilities around the washing machine unobstructed and to prevent water accumulation in the equipment.

3. Although the cleaning fluid must be filtered and reused at the same time, it should be replaced in time after a period of use, and the cylinder of the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory should be thoroughly cleaned, to prevent residual corrosion of the bottom of the cylinder for a long time perforation leakage.

4, if the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine used interval storage, then do not need to drain the tank body cleaning fluid and cleaning agent scrub clean, at the same time, it needs to be protected by plastic film packaging and good ventilation of the preservation environment to prevent water vapor dust from passing through the ultrasonic generator.

Although many people will first find out which laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine they can trust when they buy it, so that the machines and equipment they can buy will have a high degree of quality assurance, but in order to make the cost-effective laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine can establish a good long-term application performance and effect, we must follow these aspects of the cleaning machine to correct maintenance.