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Pay attention to the control of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning factors!

Date: 2022-11-02Number: 435

1. Pay special attention to the careful use of cleaning fluids

In the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the order to operate, especially can not be directly turned on and then pour into the cleaning fluid, this is a violation of the operation can cause serious consequences and even damage to the equipment, so be sure to put the liquid in before turning on the switch. Also consider the composition of the cleaning fluid, which may be rich in flammable liquid that must be completed in a short period of time, and the whole process needs to be supervised, can not leave the scene.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

2. Pay special attention to the use of corrosive or volatile cleaning fluids that require special treatment

Under normal circumstances is not recommended to use dangerous cleaning fluid, but if the situation is more special, stressed that ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers must use a corrosive or volatile liquid, therefore, the indirect approach should be used to carry out the appropriate treatment. To do this, add water to the sink first, then use a separate container to hold the cleaning fluid and place the items in the sink. After that, soak them in the sink water, cleaning in this way will also have the same effect and can ensure the safety of the problem.

3. The power supply of ultrasonic cleaner and electric heater must have good earthing device.

Four. It is forbidden to start the ultrasonic cleaning machine when there is no water or solvent in the tank, which will lead to empty vibration and the vibration head will be scrapped or damaged.

5. It is forbidden to open the heating switch when there is no liquid in the cleaning equipment with heating system.

6. It is forbidden to clean the bottom of the cylinder with heavy objects (iron pieces) to prevent damage to the energy converter chip.

Seven. Ultrasonic generator power supply should be a single way of 220V/50Hz power supply and the installation of more than 2000W voltage regulator.

8. Clean the bottom of the cylinder to wash regularly, do not have too many sundries or stains.

9. Do not put your finger in the sink during the operation of the washing machine, or you may feel a sharp pain or discomfort.

Ten. Each time when the new liquid, to be started after the ultrasonic, you can clean the pieces.

Eleven. Use Water or water solution as a cleaner, strictly prohibit the use of alcohol, gasoline or other flammable gas as a cleaner into the washing machine.

Twelve. When using flammable liquid directly, the cleaning should be done as soon as possible, and the operator should not leave the site.

Thirteen. Indirect cleaning may be used when a corrosive or volatile cleaning solution is required.

Fourteen. The best way to make the effect of ultrasonic cleaning is that the temperature of ultrasonic cleaning tank is 30 ~ 50 ° C, and the cleaning agent is selected correctly according to different cleaning objects. Cleaning agents are mainly divided into water-based (alkaline) cleaning agents, organic solvent cleaning agents and chemical reaction cleaning agents. General use of the most water-based cleaning agents, according to the degree of contamination of the object to be cleaned and the nature of the stain, choose a different cleaning time.

Fifteen. It is forbidden to turn on the machine first and then pour in the cleaning fluid, which will damage the equipment.

Sixteen. Do not place the cleaning items at the bottom of the cleaning tank. Use a special cleaning bracket to clean the basket. This will help to improve the cleaning effect.

Seventeen. Avoid running for long periods of time, preferably no more than 30 minutes.

Eighteen. In the use of the tank body cleaning or degassing solution do not put less, generally in the tank body 2/3 of the best.

Attention should be paid to the control of cleaning factors

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers do not recommend the need to clean things on the bottom, should have to use a special cleaning bracket on the middle of the overhead position, in this way, when eating can be even force to obtain good cleaning effect.