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How to reduce the noise generated by ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-11-08Number: 555

Anyone who has ever used an ultrasonic cleaning machine is actually deeply touched by the fact that when using an ultrasonic cleaning machine, it will cause some high or low noise, which makes people very headache, i do not know is the ultrasonic cleaning of the original sound it or ultrasonic cleaning machine product quality problems?

It should be clear that ultrasound is absolutely inaudible to the human ear and that there is no quality problem with the machine. So where does this noise come from? In essence, noise is generated in the following way: ultrasonic waves produce ultrasonic cavitation in water, and when the cavitation bubble closes, it produces fundamental and fractional harmonics, which add up to form a cavitation noise, among them the frequency of frequency-division harmonics is relatively low, it is also possible to enter the human ear can hear the frequency range, become the direct cause of noise. This kind of cavitation noise is accompanied by ultrasonic frequency is different, the size of the sound is not the same, usually, the higher the frequency, the lower the noise; the lower the frequency, the higher the noise. Is there any way to effectively reduce the noise generated by ultrasonic cleaning?

The human ear is able to hear sound, about three major processes. The key is that the sound source produces the sound, which is then dispersed through the medium and finally received by the human ear. If you want to reduce the noise problem, just from the sound source, the media level to do everything possible.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Increase the frequency of the ultrasound

when the frequency of ultrasound is high, the wavelength is slightly shorter, and the cavitation bubbles produced are delicate and relatively low in strength. When the intensity is relatively low, the frequency-division harmonics generated by the human ear can be heard in the corresponding part will be reduced, and the resulting cavitation noise will be smaller. Different frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machine can meet the needs of cleaning the workpiece, from the noise level to consider, it is best to choose a higher frequency of the kind, this kind of approach is based on the sound source level to reduce noise.

2. Modify parts of sound-absorbing material

Add sound insulation cover or rubber gasket to ultrasonic cleaning machine to reduce the noise caused by cavitation effect. For example, we have modified a layer of rubber on the cover plate of the cleaning tank of each ultrasonic cleaning machine, so that when using ultrasonic cleaning, not only can the sealing of the entire tank body be strengthened, the method can make the sound rebound and weaken many times in the tank body, reduce the noise escape, and directly avoid a large amount of noise from the cleaning tank cover and the tank body due to the ultrasonic cavitation effect, reduce noise by isolating the source of sound from the human ear.

The noise generated by ultrasonic cleaning machines can not be completely"Zero", but can be controlled within the scope of everyone's acceptance, such as only equal to the sound of our conversation with each other, or even smaller. The above two ways can further reduce the formation of ultrasonic cleaning machine noise, we can according to their own actual situation to choose their own way.