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How to choose table top ultrasonic cleaner?

Date: 2022-11-18Number: 468

Tabletop ultrasonic cleaning machines are increasingly entering the public's field of vision, from small household ultrasonic cleaning machines, such as small tabletop ultrasonic cleaning machines, usually used for cleaning jewelry silver jewelry, watches, small items, and so on, this kind of usually only need to clean 1 minute, basic can clean the surface of greasy, stains, etc. , often see jewelry store, jewelry store, cleaning shops are placed in such a small desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine, then such a desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine how to choose?

Tabletop ultrasonic cleaning machines

First of all to see the ultrasonic cleaning machine parameters, such as this table-top ultrasonic cleaning machine and only a vibrator, power 50W or so, frequency 40KHZ, material plastic; price according to the size, with a certain range, less than 1L of basic in 160 yuan-250 between the two, more than 1L of basic in 200-350 between the two. At present there are several brands on the market do very well, such as language, song can, Goodall, Clean Alliance is also a good choice. Nature if it is metal stainless steel material, the price is often more expensive, and size, power has increased, this kind of will wash some such as metal parts.

When it comes to small household desktop ultrasonic cleaning machines, I will talk about commercial desktop ultrasonic cleaning machines, such as how to choose?

The commercial tabletop type ultrasonic cleaning machine is used in the laboratory, the medical treatment area is quite many. And commercial desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine is also divided into grades. Common commercial ultrasonic cleaning machines usually have slots in the 3L-30L range; ultrasonic power ranges from 100W-600W; stainless steel 304 with heating plate and touch button, and the temperature is usually -60 degrees, time setting 0-30 minutes, LED display. The price of this type of machine also depends on the size of the slot, the price is between 500-3000 range, some can adjust the power, plus the power function, usually expensive several hundred yuan. Good quality commercial desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine, good quality commercial ultrasonic cleaning machine, first appearance, is the LCD screen; performance on the high-end commercial ultrasonic cleaning machine, degassing, sweeping function, it has a sleeping function, a heat sink at the bottom, and a mute cotton body; this kind of commercial ultrasonic cleaning machine can do that, clean the blind holes, clean evenly, the body heat is slow, when not needed, can automatically shut down, completely achieve no noise, can work normally, not affected. On the price side, of course, it will probably double.