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How to choose a suitable ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-11-08Number: 511

How to choose a suitable ultrasonic cleaning machine?

First, the selection of power

Occasionally with small power, cost a long time and did not remove stains. But if the power reaches the specified parameter value, occasionally quickly remove the stain. But then select power is too large, cavitation intensity will be greatly increased, cleaning effect is constantly improved, but at this time the use of more precise parts will also produce corrosion, because small loss. It is best to carry out a cleaning experiment on the parts to be cleaned, and then obtain the configuration parameters suitable for their own, according to the use of specific circumstances to configure ultrasonic power.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Second, frequency selection

My company equipment ultrasonic frequency from 28 khz to 120 khz between the two, usually using 40 khz can, deep hole, blind hole, concave-convex groove, small gap, narrow slot parts cleaning, with high frequency is better.

Choose the temperature of cleaning fluid

The optimum temperature for water cleaning solution is between 30-50 ° C.

Four, cleaning agent selection

Choose the right detergent for different cleaning objects. Cleansers are divided into water-based organic solvent (alkaline) cleansers, organic solvent cleansers and chemical reaction cleansers. The most commonly used cleaning agent is a water-based solvent.

Five, capacity selection

According to the size of cleaning parts and the number of one-time cleaning, if there is a cleaning fixture fixture in strict accordance with the size of the fixture selection of the corresponding capacity of the cleaning machine.

Length of cleaning time

According to the degree of pollution and the nature of the stain parts cleaning, adjust the different cleaning time. The cleaning fluid of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be reused. This kind of cleaning method can save a lot of cleaning fluid. After using the cleaning fluid, the cleaning fluid can be discharged into the container to deposit, the next time you use it, put the deposited detergent into the tank body, and the remaining sediment can be removed. If the concentration of cleaning solution is insufficient, the appropriate addition of cleaning agent can be reused.

Cleaning parts processing

When the cleaning part is in the ultrasonic cleaning tank body, neither the cleaning part nor the cleaning grid frame can touch the bottom of the tank. The total cross-sectional area of the cleaning element shall not exceed 70% of the cross-sectional area of the ultrasonic groove. If sheng workpiece is too large or excessive, generally with a better ultrasonic cleaning machine, the efficiency will be greatly reduced.