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Does an ultrasonic cleaner remove oil?

Date: 2022-11-02Number: 509

Ultrasonic cleaning machine as a new era of a cleaning artifact, is widely used in the hardware industry, cleaning effect by the public's favorite. It is usually used for removing oil, removing rust and preventing rust. For example, a large hardware parts manufacturer produces 30,000 hardware parts every day. It is very hard to wash this huge amount by hand. Not only does it take a long time to clean, and cleaning is not complete, especially in the gap of the stain cleaning is not in place! If the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning the work efficiency of hardware parts increased, the effect of removing oil and rust is very clean.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning process:

1. Put the oil-stained hardware parts, aluminum parts, metal materials, rolling bearings, transmission chains, molds, etc. into the cleaning basket, and then into the tank body;

2, water and pour a certain amount of oil cleaning agent;

3, press the switch, the ultrasonic cleaning machine began to work, cleaning for a while, and then put another drying trough drying, drying for a while, the items, cleaning basket out together;

4, shut down, need to pay attention to maintenance.

The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine can reduce oil and rust removal time, improve the quality of oil and rust removal, while improving the oil and rust removal process. Especially for precision parts and complex shape hardware parts. Surface can not remove stains of metal, rolling bearings, transmission chain, mold has a certain de-oiling de-rust effect, to overcome the damage of manual cleaning of parts. Ultrasonic oil removal is based on the principle of cavitation, ultrasonic frequency 40KHz is high-frequency ultrasound. In the Sonication, combined with the chemical effects of the oil cleaning agent, the bubbles are dispersed by fracturing under pressure, forming a shock wave at the same time, this kind of shock wave can wash the surface of hardware parts and promote the oil to get rid of.

In fact, the effect of de-oiling and de-rusting is closely related to the size of the parts, the complexity of the shape, the position of the parts, the composition of the oil stains on the surface and whether or not to add the oil stain cleaning agent. In general, the ultrasonic cleaning machine used to remove oil rust frequency is 40KHz. The position of the parts is very important. The parts turn or rotate in the slot body, so that all parts of the surface can be exposed to ultrasonic radiation to achieve better cleaning effect.