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Common ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-11-02Number: 318

Commonly used ultrasonic cleaning machine

The structure of ultrasonic cleaning machine usually has ultrasonic power and cleaning machine into one or separate layout of two forms, usually small power (200W following) cleaning machine adopts integrated structure, and the high-power washing machine adopts the split structure. The split structure of ultrasonic cleaning machine is composed of three key parts

(1) cleaning tank;

(2) ultrasonic generator;

(c) Ultrasonic transducer;

Clean cylinder: clean cylinder is used to load cleaning fluid and cleaning the stainless steel container of the workpiece, most of the workpiece should be installed in the mesh frame, and then put together in the cylinder cleaning. Ultrasonic generator: ultrasonic cleaning machine used by the ultrasonic generator, from the type of components used can be divided into tube-type, silicon-controlled and transistor-type.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic generator used in the ultrasonic cleaning machine has the following characteristics:

(1) the resonant frequency and impedance of the transducer vary with the depth of the cleaning fluid. However, the actual operation shows that the tank body into the appropriate cleaning material, usually can be relatively stable at a certain value.

(2) under normal circumstances, because the cleaning load changes relatively small, you can not require complex automatic frequency tracking circuit.

(3) practical ultrasonic generator, most of which use high-power self-excited feedback oscillator.

Ultrasonic transducer: ultrasonic cleaning machine used by the transducer key to the following points:

1 magnetostrictive transducer most of the magnetostrictive transducers used in China are window-type transducers made of nickel sheets, which are welded to the bottom of the cleaning cylinder and then made by winding a certain number of windings on the window with wires. This kind of transducer can bear the larger power, and the stability is good, the life is long. The disadvantage is that the efficiency is lower than piezoelectric transducer, raw material nickel more expensive.

At present, most ultrasonic cleaning machines at home and abroad use piezoelectric transducer.

These transducers usually consist of two piezoelectric ceramic wafers. A washing machine uses a plurality of transducers which are bonded to the bottom of the washing cylinder by an adhesive and connected in parallel to form a transducer of a washing machine.

Common ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning parts practicability, has been widely used in electronic devices, mechanical watches, electronic optics, mechanical equipment, automotive industry, aerospace, atomic energy industry, medical equipment and many other industries.

02 motor vehicle inspection mark electronic

Usually installed in the production line of some special items cleaning.

The most typical soft magnetic material components ultrasonic cleaning equipment introduction: cleaning objects from the inlet can be driven stainless steel mesh belt into the ultrasonic cleaning trough cleaning, and then after spraying, drying and other processes after discharge, the implementation of cleaning objects can be directly packaged into the library. A brief description of each process is as follows:

1 feed: semi-automatic feed can be used when the object is fed

At present, most ultrasonic cleaning machines at home and abroad use piezoelectric transducer, which is of L-type structure.