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Can ultrasonic cleaning machine wash vegetables?

Date: 2022-11-11Number: 543

The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the cavitation effect of ultrasound to clean objects. It is also a good choice for washing vegetables. Since the ultrasonic cleaning belongs to physical cleaning, there will not be any residue, moreover, the ultrasonic cleaning machine has obvious cleaning effect, high cleaning efficiency, and can save water resources, which is very convenient. However, it is also difficult to completely remove pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables with the ultrasonic cleaning machine, because the general power of ultrasonic washing machine is low, to pesticide capacity is insufficient, so do not have to go to pesticide and buy a special ultrasonic washing machine.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Can ultrasonic washing machine wash vegetables

Yes. The ultrasonic cleaning machine is used to clean the surface of an object by ultrasonic waves. In our daily life, we can use the ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash vegetables. According to the huge impact caused by the ultrasonic cavitation effect, can put vegetables and fruits after the surface of the stain collision; and ultrasonic penetration is strong, can calmly deal with vegetables and fruits uneven surface, fruit peduncles and other inconvenient parts can also be washed clean. Ultrasonic cleaning is a kind of pure physical washing, there is no residue, you can use at ease.

2. How about using the ultrasonic washing machine to wash vegetables

Ultrasonic washing machine is produced by ultrasonic water in the local high pressure, to achieve cleaning purposes, with the benefits of ultrasonic washing machine is usually: can thoroughly clean the surface of fruits and vegetables stains, it can also be cleaned where it is not convenient to clean by hand, and compared with the traditional method of running water cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine can save water resources, very environmentally friendly.

But the ultrasonic washing machine will also have a certain defect, usually the problem of power, because the intensity of excessive ultrasound can damage fruits and vegetables caused by nutrient loss, therefore, the general power of the ultrasonic washing machine used for washing fruits and vegetables is not very high. Therefore, most of the vegetables washed by the ultrasonic washing machine can not completely remove pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables.

The purpose of purchasing an ultrasonic washing machine specially for washing vegetables is to better remove pesticide residues. However, we have to remind everyone that it is not reliable for an ultrasonic washing machine to remove pesticides, even though the ultrasonic vibration has broken the dissolving balance of pesticides, it makes the pesticide molecules move and the dissolution rate increase, and it also makes some water molecules decompose free oxygen atoms, and uses free oxygen atoms to achieve the effect of oxidative decomposition of some pesticide residues, but generally due to the power limitation, its ability to remove pesticides compared with decontamination ability to be much worse. In addition, it should be noted that it is not recommended to buy high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine to pesticide, because of the power, cleaning will destroy the fruit and vegetable cuticle cells, resulting in pesticide residues into the fruit and vegetable interior, the hazard is higher.